The Ultimate Resource List for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Traders

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In the ten years since the launch of bitcoin, digital assets have become a thriving asset class with an investor base that ranges from at-home day traders to Wall Street money managers. As a result, the number of trading tools and resources has ballooned in the last decade to accommodate all types of traders and investors.

The BMJ team has compiled the ultimate resource list for bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders to provide you with an overview of all available tools that you need in your trader’s arsenal.

Charting Tools

Chart analysis tools can help traders identify market trends as well as entry and exit points for their trades.

  • CryptoWatch – Popular free charting tool that provides insight into a wide range of digital currencies
  • TradingView – Most popular free charting tools for traditional and digital assets

Price Data Providers

Reliable price data is important for crypto traders who actively trade in and out of the market on a daily basis.

  • CoinGecko – Leading free digital asset pricing service provider
  • Messari OnChainFX – Market-leading digital asset price data and analytics provider
  • TradeBlock – Institutional-grade digital asset analytics, charting, and live pricing platform

Price Alert Providers

Following price action while on-the-go can be tricky, which is why many traders use price alert services to receive notifications when target prices or stop-loss limits have been met.

News Aggregators

Instead of subscribing to each bitcoin news publication to stay up-to-date with market-moving news, traders often make use of news aggregators so they can follow all newsflow in real-time on one platform.

  • CryptoPanic – Popular news aggregator that covers a wide range of digital assets
  • CoinSpectator – Real-time crypto news aggregator
  • Coinwink — Email and text message digital currency price alerts

Upcoming Digital Asset Events

Keeping track of price-moving events for specific digital assets is key for crypto traders, which is why crypto event calendars are an important tool in a trader’s arsenal.

  • CoinMarketCal – Provides insight into the most important upcoming events for a range of blockchains
  • CoinsCalendar – Event calender for digital assets


Trading on reputable digital asset exchanges that provide liquidity and security is vital for bitcoin traders.

  • Binance – Widely considered the leading digital asset exchange in the world
  • BitMEX – Most popular margin trading platform for experienced bitcoin traders
  • Bittrex – Popular exchange among altcoin traders due to its long list of supported digital assets
  • Coinbase Pro – Professional digital asset exchange for experienced traders
  • Poloniex – One of the most trusted digital asset trading platforms in the world

Decentralized Exchanges

Some traders prefer to trade on decentralized exchanges due to the added security features that these platforms provide compared to their centralized counterparts.

  • IDEX – Largest decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain (measured by trading volume)
  • Uniswap – Easy-to-use DEX for converting ERC20 tokens

Derivatives Trading Platforms

Experienced digital currency traders often use crypto derivatives to hedge their portfolios or to speculate on a particular asset.

  • Deribit – Crypto derivatives platform that provides futures, options, and perpetual swaps for BTC and ETH
  • Quedex – Bitcoin derivatives trading platform that provides markets in bitcoin futures and options

Blockchain Analytics

Blockchain analytics tools can provide valuable insight into the fundamentals of a particular asset by highlighting the levels of activity taking place on its blockchain.

  • Bitcoinity – Free bitcoin blockchain data insights
  • Nyctale – Blockchain analytics tool for a range of digital assets

Dapp Analytics

Dapp analytics providers can show traders how much developer and user adoption is taking place on smart contract-enabled blockchain networks, which can provide further insight into the fundamental value of a blockchain asset.

  • DApp Rader – Insights into decentralized applications on Ethereum, EOS, and Tron
  • State of the DApps – Insights into the current state of the Dapp markets

Crypto Trading Bots

Digital asset trading bots enable traders to execute trading strategies in a fully-automated manner based on predetermined settings.

  • Gekko – Popular free, open-source crypto trading bot that has been available since 2013
  • Gunbot – Self-hosted digital asset trading bot with an integrated charting tool
  • 3Commas – Easy-to-use web-based trading bot

Portfolio Management Software

Portfolio management software can help traders to keep track of all their trades and positions.

  • Blockfolio – Most popular digital asset portfolio tracking tool for mobile (by the number of downloads)
  • Coinigy – Market-leading, all-in-one portfolio management, analytics, and trading solution
  • Coin Stats – Desktop and mobile-based digital asset portfolio tracking software

Desktop Trading Software

Trading software enables digital currency traders to execute trades on a range of exchanges using one dashboard.

  • Margin – Digital asset trading terminal for active digital currency traders
  • TradeDash – Digital asset trading platform with in-built chart analysis tools

Token Sale Trackers

Traders who like to bet on the price performance of newly issued digital tokens use token sale listing platforms to keep track of upcoming ICOs, IEOs, and STOs.

  • Bitcoin Market Journal – Provides ICO calendar and reviews in addition to educational content for bitcoin traders and investor
  • ICO Drops – Token sale tracker that provides up-to-date listings of past, current, and upcoming ICOs
  • ICO Stats – Insights into historical ICO price performance
  • TokenMarket – Insight into past, current and upcoming token sales

Multi-Asset Desktop Wallets

Crypto traders use multi-asset desktop wallets to actively manage their assets to avoid holding them on exchanges.

  • Atomic Wallet – Leading desktop wallet that supports over 300 digital assets
  • Exodus – Popular and secure multi-asset desktop wallet for digital currencies and tokens

Hardware Wallets

For long-term holdings, traders and investors use hardware wallets for secure safekeeping of their digital assets.

  • KeepKey – Popular, easy-to-use multi-asset hardware wallet
  • Ledger Nano S – Market leader in multi-asset hardware wallets
  • Trezor – Multi-currency hardware wallet

Crypto Tax Software

Taxation software for digital currency traders plays a vital role as they help to ensure that traders are correctly filing their crypto taxes.

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