Top 5 DEX Aggregators, Rated & Reviewed for 2021


DEX Aggregators are making waves in the decentralized trading ecosystem, having captured almost 20% of decentralized trading volumes in mid-2020.

Learn what DEX aggregators are and discover a list of the most popular ones.

What is a DEX Aggregator?

Decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators, also known as liquidity aggregators, compile the exchange rates of numerous DEX platforms and show you a list of platforms offering the best value for your desired digital asset trades.

Moreover, you can access a deeper pool of liquidity by being able to trade on multiple DEXs using a single trading dashboard.

Top DEX Aggregators

Below, you will find a list of the best liquidity aggregators operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

AggregatorNo. of DEX ListedYear Est.User Friendliness30 Day Volume (USD)Twitter FollowersScore
Slingshot (formerly DEX.AG)18201847,000,0002,7993.5
Totle Swap15201714,370,0007,4543.5


1inch Exchange uses what it describes as ‘smart routing’ to connect between both decentralized and centralized platforms for the purposes of minimizing slippage as well as collecting the best prices it can.

Slingshot (formerly DEX.AG)

Slingshot is a straightforward and simple-to-use aggregator with a couple of nuanced features. X Blaster, for instance, splits larger trades up into smaller pieces and achieves the best possible price for trade by spreading them across multiple DEXes at once.


Totle is a DEX aggregator that also dips into synthetic asset providers, allowing traders to engage with tokenized assets of many shapes and sizes.


ParaSwap is considered to be one of the fastest DEX aggregators. It has swap and payment options with a focus on better market rates and cheaper gas fees. Decentralized applications (dApps) can also integrate with ParaSwap to better streamline token swaps.


The first consumer product from the team at 0x, Matcha is a DEX aggregator that splits trades over several networks to find the best price for the trade.

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