About Bitcoin Market Journal

Our mission: to welcome the next 100 million crypto investors.

It’s an ambitious number, but we believe this community can do it.

We’re not just crypto investors: we’re building a money movement.

How We Started

We started Bitcoin Market Journal in the heady days of 2017: the first big crypto boom. Things went really great … for three months.

Then the bottom fell out of the market, and we learned some painful lessons. The biggest was to diversify your investments: crypto is too volatile, so today we preach a balanced approach. (We live it, too.)

While all the other companies from that era were folding, we HODLed (Held On for Dear Life) and made it through to the other side, growing our community along the way. (More of our story in our book and TED Talk.)

Today we have a global community of over crypto investors who are working toward financial freedom, changing the way people invest, and paving the way for the future of money.

On average, we hold $200,000 in crypto investments (don’t worry if you’re just getting started — we’ve got you).


Our Investor Community

The BMJ community is successful. On average, our members hold $200,000 in crypto investments (that’s up from $20,000 just a few years ago – a 10x increase).

We’re tech-savvy. Half of us earn yield. Two-thirds use DeFi. Nearly three-quarters own NFTs.

We’re lifelong learners. We got into crypto because we love the challenge of soaking up new knowledge and putting it to good use.

We’re adventurous. We don’t hide our money in a bank account and hope it will grow; but neither are we “crypto bros.” We balance risk and reward.

We’re wonderfully diverse. Beyond these traits, everyone’s welcome: young and old, single and married, male and female (and everything in between).


Our Company Serves Our Community

Bitcoin Market Journal is published by our parent company Media Shower, which serves the community. We’re a remote-first team, headquartered in Boston and operating worldwide. Our editorial team oversees a group of talented writers and analysts, whom we carefully screen for crypto knowledge, then invest in continual training on our value-based methodology and approach.

Our free crypto newsletter is our flagship product, trusted by investors around the world for carefully curated crypto news, smart analyst insights, and entertaining memes — all written for the smart, patient, long-term crypto investor.

Our Premium subscription, which converts free members into Blockchain Believers, is how we make money. Premium subscribers get access to a wealth of additional content, like first look access to our top crypto picks, exclusive members-only workshops, and deep-dive reports on our top crypto investments.

To keep our content trustworthy, we do not rely on advertising or sponsored content. Plus, we just think it’s a better experience without ads.

The majority of our community holds Ethereum and bitcoin, followed by a wide array of top investments.


Where We’re Going

Our goal is to welcome the next 100 million crypto investors. Along the way, we’re teaching better investing habits, better money management, and better uses for crypto.

We’re literally building a better money system, one investor at a time.

Join us!