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We’re building a community for the next 100 million crypto investors.



Our cornerstones

are long-term value investing principles proven successful over the last century:

  • Invest in a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, and crypto…
  • With a small number of high-quality crypto assets…
  • At the same time, each month…
  • Regardless of price…
  • And hold for the long term (5+ years).


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are a diverse, remote-first team of expert writers, analysts, and editors led by Boston-based Media Shower.



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are smart, well-diversified value investors. On average, each of us has $200k in crypto holdings, up 10X from 2019. Most of our holdings are in Ethereum, bitcoin, and leading crypto protocols, followed by a wide range of digital assets.



Our vision

is a blockchain-powered money movement that benefits everyone, changing the way people invest, and paving the way for the future of money.

We’re literally building a better money system, one investor at a time. Join us!