Our mission: To help you invest in Bitcoin, better.

At Bitcoin Market Journal, we have a simple investing philosophy:

  • Buy and hold bitcoin,
  • plus a small number of quality crypto assets,
  • for the long term (5+ years).

Our mission is to create at least a billion dollars in value, by helping our members achieve financial freedom and independence.

Using bitcoin and crypto, we are building the next generation of great investors.

That’s more important than ever. In previous generations, you counted on your employers to take care of you: work for 30 or 40 years and you’d get a nice gold watch and a pension. Those days are over.

Today, interest rates are rock-bottom, and inflation is sky-high. That means your spending power is gradually being eaten away. Fortunately, there’s a way out — if you take responsibility for your own financial future.

The good news is, this is something we can all do. Wealth-building is a skill, and skills can be learned.

Most crypto investing sites follow the fads, chase the hype, and promise 1000x returns on meme coins and YOLO bets. That’s gambling, and gambling is not the way to wealth.

Instead, we focus on long-term, value-based crypto investing. It’s a new type of wealth-building, that even your banker and financial advisor haven’t discovered yet. (They’ll get there.)

Using time-tested techniques of value investing, we rigorously analyze and evaluate this new world of crypto investing, combining them with timeless investing techniques. And we’re transparent about our returns, which have vastly outperformed the stock market.


The Origin Story

Blockchain for everyone coverThe story of how the Journal came about is chronicled in my bestselling book, Blockchain for Everyone.

I bought bitcoin in 2013, when the price was just $125. Four years later, as the price of bitcoin zoomed past $10,000, I saw that this new digital asset was the greatest investment I had ever made. We plunged our company Media Shower full-time into bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and things went great ... for about three months.

The price of bitcoin plummeted shortly thereafter, taking the entire crypto market with it. In the long, cold "crypto winter" that followed, my team and I barely made it out alive -- but survive we did, and eventually built it all back, bigger and better than before.

The lesson? Diversify, diversify, diversify.

Don't bet the farm on bitcoin. Don't store your life savings in crypto. Instead, think about an approach that balances crypto risk with crypto rewards.

That's the message we preach here at Bitcoin Market Journal. Instead of hyping the "coin of the month," we help our community separate out a small handful of highly valuable investments, buying and holding in them for the long term (similar to how you would buy and hold valuable stocks in companies like Google or Apple). Our top crypto picks are summarized in our Future Winners Portfolio.


Who We Are

Today we are a remote-first team, headquartered in Boston and operating worldwide. Our editorial team oversees a group of talented writers and analysts, whom we carefully screen for crypto knowledge, then invest in continual training on our value-based methodology and approach.

Our free daily newsletter is our flagship product, trusted by investors around the world for carefully curated crypto news, smart analyst insights, and entertaining tweets and memes -- all written for the smart, patient, long-term crypto investor.

Our premium subscription, which converts free members into Blockchain Believers, is how we make money. Paid subscribers get access to a wealth of additional content, like first look access to our top crypto picks, exclusive members-only events, and deep-dive reports and podcasts on our top crypto investments.

To keep our content trustworthy, we do not rely on advertising or sponsored content. (Our parent company Media Shower does marketing work for crypto firms, but those engagements are separate from Bitcoin Market Journal.) Plus, we just think it's a better website without ads.


Where We're Going

Great investments are our passion, which is why we aim to be one ourselves. We’re building the next generation of great investors. Join us!