Best Performing Cryptocurrency Funds for 2018

Notebook with the words Hedge Fund.

Investors use hedge funds to gain access to experienced management teams and sophisticated investment strategies that outperform the market or generate consistent returns.

This review evaluates several of these funds, looking at key performance indicators including their assets under management, number of employees, and tenure. The data used was primarily supplied by Crypto Fund List or Crypto Fund Research.

Fund NameDescriptionAssets Under ManagementLaunch Date

Number of Employees

Polychain CapitalPolychain Capital, founded Olaf Carlson-Wee, the first employe at Coinbase, seeks to provide its investors with "exceptional" returns thought active management strategies. The fund invests in digital currencies and not companies. $1.04 billion per Crypto Fund List2016104.1
Pantera Bitcoin FundThis fund announced in July 2018 that it had generated a lifetime return of more than 10,000%, after fees and expenses, since opening in July 2013. (Source: Pantera Capital Medium Post). The fund's lifetime return surpassed 25,000% in December 2017, according to a New York Times Article. $810 million per Crypto Fund List201364
Galaxy Digital AssetsGalaxy Digital Assets, based in New York City, is an investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology. The firm harnesses a hybrid hedge fund/VC fund model to achieve its desired results. It was founded by Michael Novogratz, who previously worked for Fortress Investment Group. $500 million per Crypto Fund List2017403.7
Altana Digital Currency FundADCF uses long and short strategies in an effort to outperform the markets. The firm was founded by Alistair Milne, an entrepreneur and investor, and Lee Robinson, an entrepreneur. $450 million per Crypto Fund List201473.1
Pantera Long Term ICO FundThis fund has a preference for investing in "protocols where the token is integral to the functioning of service itself ‰ÛÓ in protocols where tokens are the only exposure to the network," co-chief investment officer Joey Krug told TechCrunch. ( $810 million per Crypto Fund List201763.1
Pantera ICO Fund LPThis fund, which was open to U.S. individuals and institutions when it was opened, initially aimed to raise $100 million (Source: CoinDesk). Investors' growing interest in tokens helped provoke the creation of this fund, which is co-managed by CEO Dan Morehead and co-chief investment officer Joey Krug. This fund specifically targets ICO presales. (Source: RCM Alternatives)$810 million per Crypto Fund List201763.1
BlockTowerBlockTower, which was founded in 2017 and is based in Stamford, CT., focuses on event-driven trading strategies and thematic investments. $150 million per Crypto Fund List2017133
Pantera Digital Asset Fund LPThis fund, launched in 2018, "seeks to allocate capital across the most fundamentally promising technologies that utilize digital assets," according to RCM Alternatives. Further, "It expects to allocate a portion of the fund's capital to newly established protocols through initial coin offerings ("ICOs") to gain early access to these technologies to improve potential return, provided that the fund's investment participation in ICOs of digital assets will not exceed 20% of the fund's net asset value." $810 million per Crypto Fund List201862.8
Alphabit FundThis crypto hedge fund seeks to generate capital appreciation while reducing risk. On the website, the fund states that "our goal is to generate our clients more bitcoin than they started with. Not only that, we do it whilst generating lower volatility than that exhibited by bitcoin itself." The company is lead by CEO Liam Robertson, who has both a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and the CAIA designation (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst). The fund has upwards of $500 million in AUM, according to estimates provided by Crypto Fund Research. $480 million per Crypto Fund Research201792.7
Crypto Currency Fund L.P.Cryptocurrency Fund L.P. "capitalizes on and invests exclusively into blockchain-oriented startups and cryptocurrencies," according to its website. The fund uses Global Macro, Long/Short and Short Only trading strategies. The fund, which is registered with both the CFTC and NFA, accepts U.S.D. only. $200 million per Crypto Fund List201792.7
MetaStable CapitalMetaStable invests specifically in digital tokens, emphasizing that taking this approach can help eliminate other layers of risk. MetaStable has contrasted its approach with the strategy of investing directly into blockchain companies, noting that doing so relies on the efficacy of the management team and the company eventually holding some kind of liquidity event like an outright sale. $60 million per Crypto Fund List201442.6

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