Best Bitcoin Banks, Rated and Reviewed for 2022


Crypto-friendly banks (or “bitcoin banks”) are modern, advanced financial institutions that recognize cryptocurrencies as a form of exchange or payment. They are friendly to crypto businesses, and may even offer custody or exchange services for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Why are crypto-friendly banks so important? Many banks will shut down your account if you are doing any kind of crypto investing, or running a blockchain business. Account closures usually came with little to no explanation as to why the bank accounts were shut down (here we speak from experience).

A new generation of “crypto-friendly banks” combine regular banking services with a crypto-friendly attitude, but you should still exercise caution before opening an account. Banks must be licensed in your jurisdiction, and their services do not always equal their promises. Research user reviews online, and use guides like this one to help narrow your picks.

This is our guide to the best bitcoin banks that you should be able to use without the fear of having your account suddenly closed down — whether you are an individual bitcoin investor, a merchant accepting bitcoin as payment, or a startup in the crypto space.

BankCurrent account feeCredit ratingCustomer ReviewsCrypto-FriendlinessOur Score
RevolutFree plan
Premium- $9.99
Metal- $16.90

Nurinuri logo

  • Offered in: Germany
  • Launched in: 2015
  • Current account fee: Free
  • Credit rating: A
  • Customer reviews: 4
  • Crypto friendliness: 5
  • Our score: 4
  • Description: Nuri, formerly known as Bitwala, is a European blockchain bank that facilitates the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in euros (EUR). The firm was launched in 2013 and has since grown to become a recognized financial service in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you get paid in Bitcoin or Euros since you can acquire, transfer, and swap them all instantly with a single Nuri account. Nuri has the most affordable method of purchasing bitcoin directly from your bank account. The same cost holds when exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat currency. In addition, in collaboration with Celsius Network, Nuri allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Good for: Ultimately, Nuri is a great option for newbies searching for a simple crypto journey. The platform makes it simple to purchase and sell cryptocurrency and utilize cryptocurrency in everyday financial transactions and collect interest on your crypto holdings. You also get a EUR bank account to send or receive payments, making it a one-of-a-kind and innovative one-stop-shop service for all things banking.




  • Offered in: UK & Europe
  • Launched in: 2013
  • Current account fee: Free
  • Credit rating: Unrated
  • Customer reviews: 5
  • Crypto friendliness: 3
  • Our score: 3.5
  • Description: Monese is a Uk firm that provides alternatives to conventional banks by providing banking transactions and current accounts services. The bank offers its services in 31 countries throughout the European Economic Area, and it offers accounts in Pounds Sterling, Romanian Leu, and Euros. The Monese debit card functions in a similar manner as any other debit card. Users can buy online, withdraw money from ATMs wherever in the globe, in-store purchases, and utilize cashless transactions. In addition, users may use the platform to make top-ups, modify individual data, and check financial records.
  • Good for: Monese is great for those who seek a digital bank and require current account services. It serves the people in the European area well as it deals with the Pounds Sterling, Romanian Leu, and Euros.



revolut logoRevolut

  • Offered in: UK
  • Launched in: 2015
  • Current account fee: Free plan | Premium- $9.99 | Metal- $16.90
  • Credit rating: Unrated
  • Customer reviews: 4.4
  • Crypto friendliness: 4
  • Our score: 4
  • Description: In an effort to expand its consumer market in the United States, digital bank Revolut has introduced fee-free cryptocurrency exchanges for up to $200,000 in deals each month. If you want to purchase and trade cryptocurrency, Revolut is also getting more appealing. For bitcoin trading in the United States, the firm has collaborated with Paxos. Users can trade up to $200,000 monthly commission-free. The capability to swap currencies is among Revolut’s main focuses. You may set up various sub-accounts and keep funds in many currencies. There is a 0.5 per cent markup fee when you exceed the $1,000 fair usage threshold for free Revolut accounts.
  • Good for: Revolut is simply the best option for people to trade Bitcoin and a wide range of other cryptocurrencies. The platform is also great for power traders who have a limit of $200 000 each month.




  • Offered in: USA
  • Launched in: 1983
  • Current account fee: $25.00
  • Credit rating: AA+
  • Customer reviews: 1
  • Crypto friendliness: 1
  • Our score: 4
  • Description: USAA became the first large bank in the United States to engage in a cryptocurrency exchange. USAA cardholders can buy bitcoin using their debit cards, fund transfer, and bank wire transactions. This bank is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a regular bank that accepts bitcoin and provides additional monetary services. Users may see, but not exchange or use, their bitcoin account along with real money kept by the banking institution, according to USAA. This is because Coinbase manages all bitcoin exchanges at USAA. USAA is a banking and finance company that offers bank accounts, investment choices, and insurance policies. The range and level of banking services and products provided by USAA are unmatched.
  • Good for: The USAA service is a complete solution that provides a viable choice for laid-back traders, investors (buy-and-hold), and those who prefer to leave the hard work to an expert. Because it lacks streaming data and powerful analytical capabilities, it is less suitable for active traders. Because USAA only offers its finance and investing options to active and retired members of the United States Army and their families, this platform is not appropriate for people who do not fulfill USAA’s eligibility standards.



wirex logoWirex

  • Offered in: UK & Europe
  • Launched in: 2014
  • Current account fee: Free
  • Credit rating: Unrated
  • Customer reviews: 3
  • Crypto friendliness: 3.7
  • Our score: 3
  • Description: Wirex’s technology has allowed two million-plus users in 130 countries to conduct more than $2.5 billion in crypto and standard currency exchanges since 2014. Wirex is a digital money provider and a crypto-friendly financial facility for trading cryptocurrencies situated in London, UK. Wirex revealed the debut of its game-changing X-Accounts service, as well as a collaboration with Fireblocks, an industry highly recognized crypto supplier. X-Accounts, which is expected to be among the globe’s top appealing interest-paying accounts, will enable customers to earn up to 16 per cent on their crypto and fiat money.
  • Good for: Wirex is ideal for those who wish to trade modest amounts. Wirex empowers you to utilize your funds in your own distinctive manner on a unified global payment platform. It also succeeds in cost-cutting. You can purchase, swap, and send 20 traditional and cryptocurrencies with cheap costs, high limitations, and no extra costs.


Our Top Picks

While plenty of banks advertise themselves as “crypto-friendly” (and you can expect many more to follow), we’ve researched the banks with a reliable track record and satisfied customers. Because they require banking licenses, these banks are not available in all jurisdictions. Our top picks are:

  • For German customers, Nuri gets high marks for crypto-friendliness.
  • For UK customers, Revolut has good customer reviews and an established track record.
  • For US customers, our top pick is USAA, which has a history of crypto-friendliness.


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