Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News Sites 2022

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For those who want more great news, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 bitcoin and cryptocurrency news sites for 2022. Our custom scoring system rates websites on a scale of 1 to 5 based on factors that measure the credibility and usability of different sources. We rated each site according to website popularity and social media presence and then balanced those metrics with the news site’s founding date to measure tenure.

Crypto PublicationAlexa Rank (Global)Alexa Rank (Country Rank)Twitter FollowersFacebook FollowersFounding DateScore
Bitcoin Magazine18,0186,2211.8M105K20123
Finance Magnates31,63334,29934.6K6.2K20093
AMB Crypto6,98210,31737.3K5.9K20184
Be in Crypto6,9966,02131.6K9.4K20183.5
The Defiant30,24110,72376.2K 1,64020193

CNBCcnbc logo

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 246
  • Twitter Followers: 4.4M
  • Facebook Followers: 3.64M

CNBC, a well-known media outlet that has been around since 1989, has ventured into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, interviewing many well-known experts and providing articles on the latest crypto news. CNBC, which has long been a major source of business and financial news, has close to 3 million Twitter followers. We gave CNBC a high score because it’s a highly reputable and established news source that offers live updates on crypto news. (BMJ rating: 5)

forbes logoForbes

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 279
  • Twitter Followers: 7.3M
  • Facebook Followers: 7.17M

Forbes, which was originally founded as a magazine in 1917, has made a foray into the digital currency space by creating Forbes Crypto. Forbes is another very reputable publication that offers a plethora of news and information on crypto, as well as general finance info. (BMJ Rating: 5)

coindesk logoCoinDesk

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 3758
  • Twitter Followers: 2.4M
  • Facebook Followers: 201K

CoinDesk is a leading blockchain publication that holds high standards in terms of accuracy and reliability. CoinDesk provides readers with both news and content. In addition, it has published a State of Blockchain report every quarter since the start of 2017. CoinDesk is owned by Digital Currency Group, a digital currency conglomerate. Kevin Reynolds serves as Editor of CoinDesk. CoinDesk received a high BMJ rating because in addition to crypto news, it offers a Crypto Explainer section, a live newsfeed, and price rankings. (BMJ rating: 4.5)

cointelegraph logoCoinTelegraph

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 3150
  • Twitter Followers: 1.5M
  • Facebook Followers: 768K

Cointelegraph is another well-known source in the digital currency space. In addition to providing news, it entertains its readers with creative graphics. CoinTelegraph received a high BMJ rating because of its robust market news and analysis section and its helpful Cryptopedia section for beginner investors. (BMJ rating: 4.5)


  • Alexa Rank (Global): 4,613
  • Twitter Followers: 506
  • Facebook Followers: 4,925

Founded in 2018, Decrypt aims to fulfill a simple mission: to demystify the decentralized industry. Their site is dedicated to helping people understand everything from privacy coins to trustless networks to the inner workings of the blockchain. Decrypt also features insightful profiles about the movers and shakers of the crypto industry. We gave Decrypt a rating of 4.5 because of its unique journalistic articles and robust video and podcasting section. (BMJ rating: 4.5)

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 3829
  • Twitter Followers: 49.4K
  • Facebook Followers: 251K is run by Roger Ver, a controversial figure who serves as CEO. Founded in 2008, it is one of the earliest crypto-specific websites. Ver is a major proponent of Bitcoin Cash, and the website offers information on this digital currency, including a user guide. Further, this website offers developer tools for Bitcoin Cash. received a solid ranking thanks to the additional tools it offers and up-to-date market ratings. (BMJ rating: 4)

amb crypto logoAMB Crypto

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 6,982
  • Twitter Followers: 37.3K
  • Facebook Followers: 5.9K

AMB Crypto offers the latest news on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. Zycrypto received a high score thanks to its extremely up-to-date news feed. (BMJ rating: 4)

utoday logoU.Today

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 6,997
  • Twitter Followers: 44.7K
  • Facebook Followers: 8.9K

U.Today is a global media organization that’s dedicated to helping users understand the new generation of technology. Their mission is to serve the emerging community of newcomers, professionals, and crypto enthusiasts. U.Today earned a mid-range score due to its robust press release section and price analysis section. (BMJ rating: 3.5)

zycrypto logoZycrypto

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 6,997
  • Twitter Followers: 44.7K
  • Facebook Followers: 8.9K

Zycrypto is a blockchain news media site that focuses on crypto reports, reviews, analysis, and expert opinion. It also offers extensive coverage on Web3 projects. Zcrypto received a solid rating thanks to its unique interview section. (BMJ rating: 3.5)

beincrypto logoBe In Crypto

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 6,996
  • Twitter Followers: 31.6K
  • Facebook Followers: 9.4K

Be In Crypto prides itself in offering unbiased crypto news. It also covers topics related to the Internet of Things, fintech, privacy, and cryptographic technology. We gave Be In Crypto a solid rating because of the wide range of topics it covers. (BMJ rating: 3.5)


  • Alexa Rank (Global): 16,300
  • Twitter Followers: 65.9K
  • Facebook Followers: 33.5K

Bitcoinist, which has more than 2 million visitors each month, offers news, technical analysis, and press releases. The website also provides information on upcoming industry events. According to the company website, Bitcoinist’s staff includes three editors and more than one dozen writers. Bitcoinist receives a solid ranking thanks to its Price and Analysis section and robust Press Release section. (BMJ rating: 3)

bitcoin magazine logoBitcoin Magazine

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 18,018
  • Twitter Followers: 65.9K
  • Facebook Followers: 33.5K

Bitcoin Magazine, founded by Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie, has developed tenure by providing credible information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2012. Bitcoin Magazine earned a mid-range score thanks to its unique culture section and technical guides. (BMJ rating: 3)


  • Alexa Rank (Global): 16,679
  • Twitter Followers: 1.8M
  • Facebook Followers:  105K

NewsBTC is a website that provides industry news, technical analysis, reviews, and educational articles. The site also contains a directory of crypto-related businesses and even a list of casinos. NewsBTC earned its score because it offers live crypto prices and in-depth trading courses for beginners. (BMJ rating: 3)


  • Alexa Rank (Global): 35,432
  • Twitter Followers: 8.7K
  • Facebook Followers: 2.9K

Founded in 2014, CoinSpeaker is a news platform for readers who want to hear about the latest developments in fintech, the blockchain, digital assets, and Internet of Things. CoinSpeaker received a solid rating because it offers a robust beginner’s guide section outside of its news section. (BMJ rating: 3)

cryptonews logoCryptoNews

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 11,573
  • Twitter Followers: 48.9K
  • Facebook Followers: 27.7K was founded in early 2018 to provide guides, reviews, and daily news coverage about the digital currency sector. CryptoNews received a solid rating thanks to its robust video section. (BMJ rating: 3)

nulltx logoNullTX

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 121,031
  • Twitter Followers: 34K
  • Facebook Followers: 350

NullTx is one of the longest-standing bitcoin and blockchain news publications. This media platform provides guides and reviews as well as coverage of the most important market-moving events on a daily basis. NullTX received a solid rating thanks to its up-to-date news and price analysis section. (BMJ rating: 3)

finance mignantsFinance Magnates

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 31,633
  • Twitter Followers: 34.6K
  • Facebook Followers: 6.2K

Launched in 2019, Finance Magnates is a financial news platform with a focus on fintech, foreign exchange, and digital assets that publishes content in English and Russian. Finance Magnates received a solid rating thanks to its robust educational section. (BMJ rating: 3)

coinjournal logoCoinJournal

  • Alexa Rank (Global): N/A
  • Twitter Followers: 13.1K
  • Facebook Followers: 13K

CoinJournal is a digital currency news site that provides its readers with “the latest bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain news from around the world.” We gave it a solid rating thanks to its easy-to-use interface and its comprehensive guides on buying crypto coins. (BMJ rating: 3)

coingape news logoCoingape

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 18,220
  • Twitter Followers: 26.1K
  • Facebook Followers: 2.1K

Coingape offers coverage on blockchain trends, crypto project reviews, and crypto price analysis. It also offers interviews with industry experts and has a comprehensive editorial section that covers the impact of crypto on various communities. While the site is constantly updated, it runs a little slowly. (BMJ rating: 3)

bankless logoBankless

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 24,300
  • Twitter Followers: 141K
  • Facebook Followers: 3,326

Bankless delivers newsletters to your inbox three times per week to help you learn, hold, borrow, spend, and invest your money in crypto. They have different themed articles for each day of the week, so you’ll always have some idea of what’s headed for your inbox. For example, they send out a rundown of market opportunities, and every Tuesday, they send you tactics to help you level up your crypto investing game. While the newsletter is great, it’s still a small team. (BMJ rating: 3)

the defiant logoThe Defiant

  • Alexa Rank (Global): 30,241
  • Twitter Followers: 76.2K
  • Facebook Followers: 1,640

The Defiant is a content platform dedicated to decentralized finance. The site curates and analyzes all major developments in the DeFi space, helping you stay informed and knowledgeable on the most cutting-edge crypto advancements. We gave Defiant a 3 because while the site is informative, it’s a  bit bare-bones and only offers a news section. (BMJ rating: 3)

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