Best Cryptocurrency Tax Software, Rated and Reviewed

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In most jurisdictions, digital asset investments returns are taxed in the same way as any other investment income. That means you need to make sure that you are filing your taxes correctly to remain compliant with the taxman. To help you with that, there are a number of crypto tax software solutions.

In this guide, you will discover the best cryptocurrency tax software that you can use to help you file your digital asset investment income.

Best Cryptocurrency Tax Software

To build our list of the best cryptocurrency tax software, we have looked at ranking criteria such as available features, number of supported exchanges and wallets, and prices, among others.

NameDescriptionCompany Launch YearNo. of Supported ExchangesFeaturesPriceSocial Following (Twitter)Score
CoinTrackingLaunched in 2013, CoinTracking was one of the first crypto tax software and has managed to establish itself as one of the go-to options for digital currency investors. With its wide range of functionalities and reasonable pricing, it is arguably the industry leader in this space. 201350Interactive charts, calculation of key indicators, profit/loss and audit reports, realized and unrealized gains, double-entry list, tax declaration capital gains report, 12 tax methods (FIFO, LIFO, AVCO...), variable parameters for all countries, easy import from 70+ exchanges, automatic import via APIs, direct sync with the blockchain, top coins by trades and by volume, experimental bitcoin forecasts, with no access to your exchanges required0 to 0.03 BTC/year5,5055
TokenTaxLaunched in 2017, TokenTax is another popular bitcoin tax software that both newcomers and experienced traders can use to ensure that they are filing their digital asset taxes correctly. TokenTax comes with a wide variety of features to ensure that any type of digital currency income you receive can be reported in a fully tax-compliant manner. 201749Almost 50 supported exchanges FIFO, LIFO, minimization supported, TurboTax export, 8949 exports (PDF, CSV) CSV uploads & manual imports, ICO proceeds, tax advisor chat support, mining hardware depreciation & CapEx, FBAR report, margin trading, advanced tax assistance on topics such as lost/stolen coins, two 30-minute cryptocurrency investing and tax advisory sessions, IRS audit assistance, NAV calculations, real-time pricing, and customized report generation$65 or $199/year2,1444
Bitcoin.TaxLaunched in 2014, Bitcoin.Tax has been used by bitcoin investors for half a decade. Even today, it is still a highly popular crypto tax software used by both small investors and seasoned traders. 201421Imports trade histories from 20+ exchanges, wallets and CSV import income from Coinbase, BitPay, CEX.IO, or CSV, import mining income directly from addresses or CSV review and monitor individual addresses, calculate capital gains, FIFO, LIFO, average costing or specific identification, optional like-kind treatment, download IRS Form 8949 PDF or 8949 attachable statement, Import into tax preparation services such as TurboTax and TaxACT, multi-year support$29.95 to $399.95/year1,1433.5
CoinTrackerLaunched in 2017, CoinTracker is digital currency tax software that stands out for incorporating margin trading and offering features such as tax-loss harvesting. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, it is a recommendable tax solution for more advanced traders, which is also reflected in the platform's pricing. 201736Wallet & Exchange integration, crypto margin trading, investment performance, multiple cost basis methods, fee tracking, tax loss harvesting, portfolio insights$43 to $899/year1,8373.5
BearTaxLaunched in 2018, BearTax is one of the newest entrants in the crypto tax software market. At a starting price of only $0.99 per year for basic users, it is an excellent software to help beginners and small bitcoin investors to file their taxes accordingly.201840Connect API or upload CSV, integrate multiple exchanges, HFT bots & unlimited transactions$0.99 to $199.99/year4563.5
CryptoTrader.TaxLaunched in 2017, CryptoTrader.Tax is another crypto tax software for US-based digital currency investors that covers all the important features you would like a tax software to possess. Free-to-use for basic users, it provides an excellent solution for small investors who want to ensure that they are filing their bitcoin returns in a tax-compliant manner. 201723Cryptocurrency income report, short & long term sales report, IRS Form 8949, audit trail report, end of year positions report, TurboTax online direct import$0 to $199/year2963
Zen LedgerLaunched in 2017, Zen Ledger is a very simple and easy-to-use online crypto tax application that covers all the main bases you need to file your crypto taxes in the US. While it does not come with all the bells and whistles that some of its peers possess, its user-friendly UI/UX makes up for that. 201712Audit report, CPA access, FIFO/LIFO designation, unlimited exchanges, crypto as income, mining or donations, ICOs & airdrops, tax loss harvesting, FINCen/FBAR alert, Turbo Tax integration$149 to $999/year5992.5

Unless you live in a country that does not require you to pay capital gains tax, you will need to pay taxes on your digital asset investment returns. Any of the above-listed crypto tax software should be able to assist you with filing your cryptocurrency taxes.

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