Author: BMJ Editorial Team

Top Tools for Bitcoin, Altcoin & ICO Investors — Rated!

Top Tools for Bitcoin, Altcoin & ICO Investors — Rated!

You’re only as good as your tools. But what’s long been said in the trades is also true about investing in ICOs, bitcoin, and altcoins. That’s why we’ve started a brand new feature beginning with 12 of the best tools we’ve found for crypto trading and investing.

Top Pre-ICOs

Many bitcoin/blockchain startups offer investors a chance to get in on a deal early. Upside: You get a discount for taking a bigger risk. Downside: You’re taking a bigger risk. That’s where we come in. We offer some of the basic due diligence to use for your own evaluation, investment […]

Completed Pre-ICOs

Many bitcoin/blockchain startups have turned traditional funding models upside down through Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs. Instead of equity shares, they sell coins, or tokens, that may take the form of debt , equity, or “utility tokens” that play a role on how their products can be used, shared, or developed […]