Top Tools for Bitcoin, Altcoin & ICO Investors — Rated!

Table top with tools including pliers, wrench, screwdrivers and bits.

They’re new. They’re complicated. They’re speculative.  And they make for a market that’s moving and changing at the speed of light.  Given all that, building a successful portfolio in the brave new world of bitcoin, altcoins, and ICOs isn’t just for the hale of heart who own a high tolerance for risk. This game will also go to those properly prepared and equipped.

That means having the right tools to analyze trends, quickly respond to market fluctuations, and record your own performance. It’s not just about having the best tools but having those that work best for you.

We’ve also seen an abundance of ongoing interest from an earlier post we did on 15 Tools for Bitcoin and Altcoin Investing. So with this post, we’re inaugurating a new ongoing listing page on Bitcoin Market Journal. We’ve rated 12 investment tools across four categories.

We’ve also rated these software tools based on what some of us have learned from past top tech sites such as We know what matters most to tech users are the answers to these five questions:

  1.  Is it really meant for me? For that, we’ve evaluated each tool on how well it serves its intended, or target user.
  2. Will it get the job done? To answer, we assess its effectiveness in fulfilling its intended purpose.
  3. Is it easy to use?  In this day and age, no software application should require a user’s manual. Unfortunately, some still do.
  4. Is it a good dollar value? We assess whether the price justifies what it delivers.
  5. What kind of customer service will I get? If you’re paying, someone better be there to help. Too many tools today are based on self-service support. It’s beyond maddening — we get apoplectic — when you can’t reach a real person.

While our list is short, we’ll be continually adding to it.

Go to our “Top Tools for Bitcoin, Altcoin & ICO Investors” now.

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