Top Security Token Platforms, Rated and Reviewed

Security tokens

Security token offerings (STOs) are being hailed as “the new ICOs” as they enable companies to issue digital tokens while still remaining compliant with regulations and security laws.

In this guide, you will discover the top security token platforms that are being used by startups and established companies to launch security tokens.

Top STO Platforms

NameDescriptionLaunched YearServices OfferedReputationNumber of BacklinksTwitter FollowersScore
TokenMarketFounded in 2016, TokenMarket was launched to enable companies to raise funds through the sale of digital blockchain-based tokens. In 2018, the market-leading company added an end-to-end security token offering launch service.2016ICO & STO Launches, KCY/AML Compliance, Investor Services, ICO/STO Research, Secondary Trading57,00023,5004.5
PolymathAfter a highly successful ICO, Polymath was launched in 2017 to enable startups and established companies to raise funds through the issuance of security tokens. Polymath stands out through its ST-20 token standard that enables issuers to restrict holders to ensure that only KYC'd investors can participate in the offerings. 2017Equity Token Launches, Secondary Trading, KYC/AML Compliance, Investor Services58,00033,0004
HarborLaunched in 2018, Harbor provides an end-to-end securities token issuance platform to enable companies to tokenize their assets and securities. 2018STO Launches, Secondary Trading, AML/KYC Compliance, Investor Onboarding, Tokenization of Assets52,0007,0004
BlockExFounded in 2016, BlockEx manages the entire lifecycle of digital assets, including origination, issuance, exchange, settlement, and redemption. Its securities token platform has a focus on digital bond issuance. 2016ICO & STO Launches, Digital Bond Issuance, Secondary Trading, Brokerage Software, Settlements41002,7003
SecurrencyFounded in 2015, Securrency supports the secure, compliant, and convenient issuance and trading of security tokens and other modern financial instruments.2015STO Launches, Secondary Trading, AML/KYC Compliance41001,0003
TokenyFounded in 2017, Tokeny is a regulatory-compliant end-to-end platform to issue, manage, and transfer security tokens.2017STO Launches, Secondary Trading, AML/KYC Compliance44001,3003
TokenFunderFounded in 2016, TokenFunder has emerged as a leading compliant security token issuance and governance platform that aims to democratize the ownership of tomorrow's companies.2016STO Launches, AML/KYC Compliance4501,1003
SecuritizeFunded by Coinbase and Ripple, Securitize was launched in 2018 to provide compliant security token issuance for startups and established businesses. 2018STO Launches, Secondary Trading, Distribution, Governance45,0001003
TokenGetLaunched in 2017, TokenGet provides an end-to-end platform for the issuance of compliant security tokens, including KYC/AML, bounty programs, CMS, and marketing.2017ICO & STO Launch Services, Legal Setup, ICO/STO Marketing, Community Building, Bounty Programs33001,0002.5
TokenMindsLaunched in 2017, TokenMinds provides an end-to-end token securities issuance platform which includes a range of services such as issuance, marketing, and community management.2017ICO & STO Launch Services, Legal Setup, ICO/STO Marketing, Community Building, Bounty Programs305002
DigiSharesDigiShares is one of the first compliant STO issuance platforms in Europe that aims to enable companies to tokenize assets, equity, and funds. 2018STO Launches, Compliance Services, Tokenization of Securities and Assets3542
Sources: Twitter,,, and company websites

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