About the Bitcoin Market Journal QuickScore

The BMJ QuickScore is our algorithm for predicting the relative trustworthiness of an upcoming Initial Coin Offering. It takes into account the “Three P’s”: People, Product, PR.

  • People: Investing in an ICO is like investing in a startup company. The first thing to consider is the founding team: we want a strong track record, and a wide sphere of influence. We also factor in the advisor team, and their potential network.
  • Product: Starting a company is hard work, so we’d like to see a prototype or MVP, not just a blue-sky idea. Putting in many hours of work before an ICO shows a higher level of organization and commitment. It also means the team can hit the ground running if the ICO is successful.
  • PR: We know the success of an ICO is correlated with the amount of “buzz” surrounding it, which only makes sense. While good marketing and publicity does not guarantee a good long-term investment, it is a significant factor in raising initial funds.

We weight each of these differently, resulting in a score from 1 to 5. A high BMJ QuickScore does not mean that an ICO is worth the investment; it simply means that it’s worth a closer look. With so many ICOs launching every week, it provides a “first filter” for our team of research analysts to do the deeper dig.

We hope you find the BMJ QuickScore as useful as we do for making wise ICO investments.

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