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Each week, our team works our networks to find the BIG Pre-ICOs, where blockchain entrepreneurs are looking for seed capital to launch an Initial Coin Offering. These “earliest investors” are typically rewarded with a BIG token discount—meaning you get in more cheaply than waiting for the ICO.


Each Pre-ICO Rated and Reviewed

We carefully vet each Pre-ICO, presenting only the BIG and the best. We list a description of the project, the founding team, and early buzz. We explain where and how to invest, and who’s eligible. All the rigor and analysis from our Bitcoin Market Journal ICO analysis, applied to Pre-ICOs.


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Joining the BMJ Investor Group (BIG) is like joining the “members only” social clubs where investors meet. Like those clubs, your VIP Membership pays off with first-look information and early access to the BIG blockchain and crypto projects.

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