MeetnGreetMe ICO: Evaluation and Analysis

MeetnGreetMe ICOThe Quick Pitch

Founded in 2014, MeetnGreetMe is a global ecosystem where every traveler can request services tailored to their travel needs and budget. The services are delivered by resourceful local people and paid for via a blockchain-enabled, peer-to-peer payment system.

The token on the MeetnGreetMe platform is the WelcomeCoin, or WEL.

MeetnGreetMe’s ICO is scheduled to take place from March 27, 2018 through May 21, 2018. Learn more on our MeetnGreetMe ICO page.

The Problem and Solution

MeetnGreetMe ICO

MeetnGreetMe’s vision is to make travel simple and pleasant for everyone.

If you have ever traveled on your own to an unfamiliar place, you know that the experience can range from intimidating to downright disastrous. Everything from deciding where to eat and stay, to navigating local transportation networks, to handling unsafe situations may pose a challenge. This is particularly true if you are in a place where you do not speak the local language or understand the culture.

Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp help to alleviate these challenges to a certain degree, but they do not provide personalized assistance or help in an emergency. Accommodations services such as Airbnb also sometimes provide hosts who can deliver some personal support to travelers, but that is not their primary focus, and the extent to which hosts are willing to offer personal assistance to their guests varies widely.

MeetnGreetMe aims to offer a better solution for travelers by providing what it describes as personalized concierge services. The platform connects travelers with local people who are willing to provide a range of services that travelers might request.

Services include basic assistance with items such as language translations and booking accommodations, as well as more extensive help, such as driving travelers to destinations and assisting with shopping. MeetnGreetMe says that its services can be tailored to individual travelers’ needs and budgets.

The blockchain’s role in the platform is to facilitate payments in an efficient way, as well as execute contracts automatically.

The Team

MeetnGreetMe is led by three co-founders:

  • Elena Shkarubo, CEO. A native of Belarus, Shkarubo has worked in Russia and studied in Britain. Prior to co-founding MeetnGreetMe, she worked in finance.
  • Andrew Gaidukevich, CTO. Gaidukevich has a background in software development.
  • Nick Vyhouski, Creative Director. Vyhouski’s career has centered on digital design.

The MeetnGreetMe executive team has not been involved in prior blockchain projects, but at least one of the leaders has worked with successful startups, such as Toptal.

The Token

The MeetnGreetMe platform token, WEL, serves several purposes:

  • The platform enables peer-to-peer payments for people who use the platform. Peer-to-peer payments eliminate the need for middlemen and high transaction fees.
  • Concierge services can be ordered and paid for via smart contracts.
  • Participants in the platform are rewarded via tokens for their contributions as the platform grows.
  • Tokens help the platform to operate in a decentralized, crowd-sourced fashion.

WEL tokens can be purchased using Ether. Token owners get early access to the MeetnGreetMe network.

The Community

MeetnGreetMe maintains an active Twitter account, Facebook account, and LinkedIn account. The team can also be contacted on Telegram.

The code for MeetnGreetMe WEL smart contracts is available on GitHub. Other platform source code does not appear to be publicly available.

Next Steps

MeetnGreetMe is an attractive investment because it is the only platform of its kind. This is true not just within the blockchain ecosystem, where no other company is building a similar set of services currently, but in the wider hospitality industry.

Although MeetnGreetMe competes in some ways with companies like Airbnb and personalized concierge firms, there is no other digital personalized concierge platform that aims to be international in scope and that leverages the blockchain to streamline payments. These features make MeetnGreetMe promising, as does the enthusiastic community that has arisen around the project.

Perhaps the only component of the platform that remains somewhat uncertain is the way MeetnGreetMe leverages digital tokens. It is not entirely clear why the platform requires its own token; smart contracts and peer-to-peer payments could also be achieved using bitcoin, Ether, or other altcoins. The WEL token does not appear totally crucial to the platform since it is a payment mechanism more than anything else.

Otherwise, MeetnGreetMe’s token sale stands out as one of the more promising ICOs of 2018.

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