Biggest EOS Dapps, Rated and Reviewed

EOS symbol.

EOS has emerged as the leading blockchain platforms for the development and deployment of decentralized applications (Dapps) after its predecessor Ethereum. Currently, there are over 500 EOS Dapps running on the EOS blockchain.

Below, you will find a list of the top twelve best EOS Dapps, measured by metrics such as EOS balance held, number of users, and transaction volumes.

NameDescriptionYear LaunchedBalance (EOS)Number of Users (24hrs)7-Day Volume ($)Number of Transaction (7 Days)Score
EOSBetLaunched in August 2018, EOSBet is a decentralized, provably-fair gambling platform built on the EOS blockchain architecture. It was the first on-chain gambling casino to receive gambling license from Curacao's Ministry of Justice. 201880,3004,7005,300,000908,5004
NewdexLaunched in March 2019, Newdex is a decentralized exchange on the EOS network that enables investors to buy and sell EOS tokens.201954,1001,20017,400,000167,2003.5
Poker EOSLaunched in December 2018, Poker EOS is an online poker platform that runs on the EOS protocol. It enables gamblers to play a variety of popular poker games.201837,7001,40012,300,000538,8003.5
BigGameLaunched in March 2019, BIG.GAME is a provably fair online casino based on the EOS blockchain that offers a variety of casino games, including dice, lotto, and tri card poker, among others. 2019205,6001,4008,500,000102,3003.5
EOSJacksLaunched in November 2018, EOSJacks is an online casino that runs on the EOS blockchain. The e-gaming platform offers dice, black jack, and numerous other gambling games. 201816,40042924,700,000731,7003
VSBetLaunched in March 2019, VSbet is a multi-PvP dice game that runs on the EOS protocol. Aside from a traditional dice games, it also offers a team battle modus where the winners take the entire jackpot.20191,0001,2003,100,000596,1002
DiceLaunched in March 2019, Dice is the largest social gaming platform on the EOS protocol. Gamblers can earn DICE tokens from paying and receive dividends from staking their tokens. Moreover, the gambling platform also offers a range of other popular online casino games. 2019777,2009542,600,0001,800,0003
DEXEOSLaunched in August 2018, DEXEOS, is the world's first EOS-based eecentralized exchange that enables traders to buy and sell EOS tokens in a secure and trustless manner.20181,6009886,600,000164,6002
ChainceLaunched in June 2018, Chaince is a hybrid exchange running on the EOS protocol that offers a convenient, safe, and liquid trading experience. Investors are not required to registor or depost funds on the exchange, thus increasing fund security while trading EOS tokens. 2018382,7002824,300,0003,5002
ChintaiLaunched in October 2018, Chintai is a community-owned, feeless, on-chain, decentralized token leasing platform that enables EOS users to lend their EOS tokens to earn interest from other users who need access to CPU/NET bandwidth. 2018463,400743,800,0001,7002.5
BetHashLaunched in January 2019, BetHash enables gamblers to best on the hash value of the blockchain. Built on EOS, this decentralized gaming platform guarantees fairness for all gamblers as well as generous payouts. 201937,1001,1003,000,000653,7002.5

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