Top Blockchain Real Estate Tokens, Rated and Reviewed

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In this guide, discover the best blockchain real estate tokens that you can purchase to gain exposure to real estate assets in the form of digital tokens.

The tokenization of real estate assets is poised to become one of the most popular areas for blockchain investors. Through tokenizing property, investors are able to hold a de facto share in a real estate project in the form of a digital token while real estate developers are able to raise capital in an innovative new manner.

Top Blockchain Real Estate Tokens

To compile our list of the top real estate tokens, we use criteria such as market capitalization, the amount raised during the ICO, trading volumes, the size of social media following, and more.

NameDescriptionMarket Capitalization ($)Amount Raised During Token Sale ($)Daily Trading Volume ($)ROI Since ICO (%) in USDTwitter FollowersScore
LAToken (LA)LAToken is a blockchain protocol and ecosystem for the creation and trading of tokenized assets whose values are linked to the value of securities or assets such as stocks, bonds, or real estate. 33,000,00020,000,000100,000-6536,0004.5
Propy (PRO)Propy is a blockchain-powered global real estate listing platform that enables anyone in the world to access real estate. Additionally, the platform provides a decentralized title registry and deed registration tool. 3,000,00015,000,000100,000-8011,0003
Atlant (ATL)Atlant is developing a blockchain-powered platform that enables investors to invest in real estate tokens that represent shares in real estate developments.1,800,0006,700,000500-954,0001

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