Top Sports and Esports Tokens, Rated and Reviewed

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Sports and esports have become popular areas of blockchain disruption, which explains the number of startups focusing on developing new blockchain-based solutions for these industries.

In this guide, you will discover a list of the best sports and esports tokens in which you could invest to add exposure to these sectors to your digital asset portfolio.

Top Sports and Esports Tokens

To compile our list of top sports and esports tokens, we have used factors such as market capitalization, trading volumes, and amounts raised during ICO, among other criteria.

NameDescriptionLaunch YearMarket Capitalization ($)Daily Trading Volume ($)Amount Raised During Token Sale ($)Twitter FollowersScore
MobileGo (MGO)Mobile-go is a blockchain-powered universal gaming token that both developers and gamers can use to monetize esports either as creators or by winning the token in competitions.20175,959,32451,48653,000,00013,1004.5
LYMPO (LYM)Lympo is a blockchain-powered healthy living ecosystem that enables users to monetize their sports and wellness data by sharing it with other industry stakeholders.20188,347,083292,02816,900,0008,0144
Unikoin Gold (UKG)Unikoin Gold is a betting token used in the Unikrn esports ecosystem to bet on the outcome of esports competitions.20173,592,1528,20429,400,0005,9154
First Blood (1ST)First Blood is a blockchain-powered esports platform that enables esports athletes to challenge each other to matches and win rewards in the form of 1st tokens.20165,792,5792025,500,00028,6003.5
HeroCoin (PLAY)The HeroCoin token allows anyone to join or create betting markets for the outcome of esports competitions in a transparent and decentralized manner.2017436,960108,2362,000,0003,4842.5
EsportsBits (HLT)Esportbits (previously known as HyperLoot Protocol) helps game developers to monetize video games using the ecosystem's HLT token.20184,548,10193,806n.a.1,9162.5
SportyCo (SPF)SportyCo is a decentralized sports investment and funding platform that enables athletes, clubs, and sports organizations to raise the funds they need to further their sporting successes. 2017149,6413855,100,0004,6642.5
BEAT (BEAT)BEAT is a sports and fitness ecosytem that enables users to monetize their health data that they generate when they exercise by selling it to corporations who are looking to access this type of data.2018150,8446,6873,700,0002,2562
Footballcoin (XFC)Footballcoin is a fantasy football league that enables players to earn XFC tokens in competitions within the Footballcoin ecosystem.20172,813,1433,0952,700,0001,4912
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