Mining Helium 5G MOBILE Tokens

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The Helium Network is a blockchain-based wireless infrastructure project that aims to offer affordable internet connectivity to the world.

It enables individuals and businesses to help build and maintain these wireless networks, in exchange for rewards paid in the blockchain’s native token, MOBILE.

If you set up a Helium Hotspot, you start earning MOBILE. That makes it a great “set it and forget it” investment opportunity, as we’ll explain below.

We feel that Helium’s innovative approach to 5G network expansion has promising growth potential. Mining MOBILE is an investment opportunity, but also a way to contribute to a decentralized global 5G infrastructure.

As of this writing, the MOBILE token is up more than 100% over the past 24 hours after launching a nationwide plan in the U.S. with unlimited data, text, and calls that cost just $20 a month.

Read on to learn more about Helium and how you can mine Helium 5G tokens.

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What is Helium?

Helium is developing a 5G network that differs from traditional, centrally-operated networks: instead of being built and owned by large telcos, Helium is built by decentralized community participation.

Anyone can deploy Helium Hotspots, setting up a 5G node that will connect to other nearby nodes. In exchange for running a Hotspot, users are rewarded with MOBILE tokens.

Also known as “The People’s Network,” Helium uses this decentralized model to incentivize individual users to expand network coverage. With this approach, it hopes to address the surging demand for high-bandwidth, low-latency internet connectivity.

Mining Helium MOBILE Tokens

MOBILE tokens play a significant role in Helium’s 5G strategy. Anyone can mine MOBILE by deploying and maintaining 5G Hotspots, which provide 5G wireless coverage to anyone in range, while maintaining and verifying the network.

Deployment involves setting up your 5G Hotspots and connecting them to the network. Once deployed, your MOBILE rewards are credited to a Solana NFT associated with the Hotspot. These rewards are calculated based on several factors, including the coverage provided and the network’s overall performance.

Once deployed, 5G Hotspot owners don’t have to do anything else to earn MOBILE – the system is designed to “set it and forget it.”

This mining mechanism democratizes network growth, encouraging individuals and organizations to build the 5G network and get rewarded. The Helium Foundation also plays a significant role, offering grants to core developers to help improve the network.

Tokens on Helium

The Helium ecosystem is more than just MOBILE. It actually uses four native tokens:

  • HNT – the Helium Network Token (HNT) is the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. HNT can be burned to create Data Credits.
  • Data Credits – this is a stablecoin priced at $0.00001. Companies use DC as “payment” to send data on the Helium network, like gas fees in Ethereum.
  • IOT – this is the protocol token mined by LoRaWAN Hotspots, either through data transfer proceeds or as Proof of Coverage. It powers the Internet of Things.
  • MOBILE – MOBILE is the other protocol token that 5G-CBRS and WiFi Hotspots can mine simultaneously. Both IOT and MOBILE can be redeemed for HNT.

While this is one of the more confusing token systems we’ve seen, Hotspots earn MOBILE, which can be redeemed for HNT, which is the primary token you can buy and sell on exchanges.

Geographical Considerations and Setup

While Helium envisions a global 5G network with high internet speed, it’s currently easiest to mine MOBILE tokens in the US.

US citizens can install a Helium 5G hotspot and earn 100% of the generated MOBILE tokens.

Your internet speed determines which device is best for you, as well as the subsequent rewards. For example, if you have an internet speed of 200 Mbps near a large urban area without much coverage, you can earn over $3,000 monthly.

heliumdeploy internet download speed

One downside is that these CBRS hotspots must be registered with the FCC’s Spectrum Access System to ensure they operate correctly and use the spectrum efficiently.

As of today, non-US residents cannot install a hotspot in their homes. Still, they can use a deployer to install a miner in a host location for them. For example, they can start mining through an online service called Moken.

Installation Options and Support

US residents who want to mine MOBILE can choose from two options for setting up a Helium 5G Hotspot:

  • Professional installation – Helium has a nationwide team of professional installers that can set up and support the Hotspot, from installation to future maintenance.
  • Self-installation with guidance – Installing a Hotspot is straightforward, but miners must attach a physical device to their location and ensure it works correctly. Those who think they can do it independently can benefit from a complete list of how-to guides Helium provides. Their team is also available by phone to support users with the installation.

Note that in either case, installation involves buying Helium hardware, which starts at $1,300 for a single unit (all of which, as of this writing, are sold out).

helium deploy self installation vs professional installation

Financial Aspects of Helium Mining

While MOBILE has a fluctuating price, it is always backed by (and can be converted to) HNT. Each network within the Helium ecosystem is allocated a pool of HNT based on its Network Utility Score, with the redemption ratio set algorithmically.

Users can exchange MOBILE to HNT at any time directly on the Helium Wallet App.

MOBILE token relies on a deflationary model, following a minting schedule similar to HNT. Its maximum supply is capped at 230 billion tokens. 50 billion were pre-mined at the launch and distributed to the Network operation fund run by the Helium Foundation.

Eventually, the MOBILE issuance rate will diminish as the system has programmed halvings every two years to align with HNT issuance pace. Here is the token’s minting schedule and allocation:

Data Source

The Future of Helium and MOBILE Tokens

The Helium Network and its 5G project has great potential due to its unique approach and community-driven effort. Many expect Helium to thrive in the coming years, and MOBILE tokens can benefit from this expansion. However, the real value comes from ongoing mining rather than speculating on the token’s price, which will likely seek stability.

It remains to be seen if people adopt Helium’s infrastructure en masse, but fast internet connectivity at a low cost is attractive to everyone.

This year, HNT has shown strong performance, supporting the value of MOBILE tokens.

Investor Takeaway

The Helium Network proposes an innovative and accessible approach to building a global 5G network, starting with the US. Its blockchain-based system democratizes internet access and provides tangible rewards through MOBILE tokens.

The simplicity of the mining process, coupled with the supportive ecosystem offered by the Helium Foundation, makes this an interesting crypto investment opportunity.

It’s important to note that there is some overhead. You will have to purchase one or more pieces of hardware (starting at around $1,300) and contend with fluctuations in coverage. You’ll also need to register with the FCC.

But, if you’re in a populated area and can afford an up-front cost, then this could be a great chance to set it and forget it. As you earn MOBILE, you can convert them into HNT and from there into bitcoin, making this another way of steady-drip investing into your portfolio each month.


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