How to Mine Metaverse, Step by Step (with Pics)

Mining digital assets is becoming more accessible as less complicated systems are put in place. The availability of mining pools makes it even easier to mine tokens like Metaverse with high profit potentials.

Metaverse is a platform that makes use of the Ethash mining algorithm, which makes it possible for anyone to create decentralized applications or smart contracts on the platform. Though it has its own unique features, it is quite similar to Ethereum. Metaverse is also looking to create digital assets and to run off oracles that they will build.

Before beginning to mine Metaverse, there are two important details that should be noted.

First, ensure your GPU drivers are the latest version. Second, be aware that many times mining software is flagged as a virus by virus scanners. To ensure your mining process runs smoothly, you will have to uninstall antivirus protection on your computer or exclude your mining software from your antivirus protection. An easy way to do this is to create a folder for all your mining software, and then exclude the folder from the antivirus software.

Avast Free Antivirus screen shot of exclusions page.

Join a Mining Pool

To mine Metaverse, the first thing you need to do is join a mining pool. Solo mining is possible for Metaverse, but it might take months before you start earning, and even that depends on the strength of your mining rig. The use of mining pools is recommended instead of solo mining. Most mining pools charge very small fees of about 1 percent or less. Using a mining pool will ensure you receive payouts easily and consistently several times a day.

For this lesson, we will make use of This mining pool was chosen because its charges are very low, at about 0.01 percent, and it also has a lot of features. Some of the features include a small to medium sized pool, with the possibility of finding up to 18 blocks every day. The pool also allows you to include worker IDs to your mining computers to keep track of individual mining computers.

ETP pool

Today, most of our focus will be on GPU mining rather than CPU, because it is much more profitable.

GPU Mining (Nvidia)

To carry out GPU mining you will need the Claymore’s Dual Ethereum miner. This mining software works well with Nvidia and AMD GPUs, alongside Windows and Linux operating system. You can download your miner at

After downloading, you will need to create a new batch file inside your mining folder and paste this into the batch file: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp:// mining_pool, but replacing “mining_pool” with “”

You have to change the “port” to “8008” and then replace “wallet_public_key” with your wallet address.

You don’t need to change the “Worker” option.

Replace “password” with x, use # if you are using a nicehash.

Change “asm_option” to 0 if you are using Nvidia. If you are making use of AMD, start out with 0. It is advisable to compare using 0 or using 1 to note which performs better. You could also make use of 1 if your AMD GPU has an error with using 0.

Change your “mining_option” to 0 if are planning to dual mine, and 1 if you do not want to dual mine.

Take a look at this setup: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp://etp.sandpool.

When you double click the batch file, you  should see something like this:

The image shows that the miner must have picked up all the GPUs in your computer (i.e. the 1 GTX 1080 GPU in this setup). Your GPU speed is represented by the red arrow, while the blue arrow shows GPU temperatures and fan speed.

You may need to carry out troubleshooting, especially if you notice a lot of old or rejected shares. To do this, simply lower the intensity of the miner where applicable. That’s it! Mining Metaverse couldn’t have been made any easier. Don’t forget to input your public key into the mining pool’s dashboard to track your statistics.

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