How to Mine Aeon, Step by Step (with Photos)

Rack of mining equipment.

Digital assets are fast becoming an integral part of the financial scene, and cryptocurrency mining may be the key to digital asset availability for many. At the same time, mining can be perceived as a technical challenge.

Fortunately, mining newer digital assets such as AEON is not as hard as you might think.

What Is AEON?

Basically a fork of privacy-centric Monero, AEON was created to lighten the burden of crypto enthusiasts by creating an avenue where the demands of anonymous, private, but transparent transactions can be met in a better way.

AEON was designed to run efficiently on mobile devices alongside PCs. Designed with the PoW (CrytpoNote-Lite) algorithm, confirmation verification of transactions is faster and also entails a pruning system that disallows expansion of the blockchain beyond control.

What Does It Take to Mine AEON?

Though in time mining might become accessible through mobile phones, mining AEON at present can be done via CPU or GPU rigs. It is important to make sure the latest versions of drivers for the GPU are downloaded.

Then, you will need a PC or laptop and an AEON wallet address alongside a cooling source (to keep your PC from overheating). Lastly, you can join a mining pool, after which you can configure your miner appropriately. The image below shows some of the hardware that is recommended for GPU mining.

Nvidia GTX, AMD RX, and AMD RX 580 mining hardware.

Mining can be done with Windows, Linux, or Nvidia for GPU mining. For mining, you have the option of using the XMR-STAK or XMR-Rig. For the purpose of illustration here, we will be centered on XMR-STAK as it comes with precompiled binaries for mining on Windows.

  • Download the Windows compatible miner and download the AEON wallet to get the restore seed, the passwords, and the wallet’s address.
  • Pick a mining pool; select a hardware port that fits into your PC.
  • Unzip the XMR-STAK folder by clicking on

  • Double click the xmr-stak.exe address present, and then select ‘allow this file to run’. In this case, it is possible that two command windows can be open; you can choose to run as administrator or go all the way to configure the miner.
  • If you chose to close the admin window, the XMR-STAK will then ask for the cryptocurrency to be mined. Simply type ‘aeon7’ and click ‘enter’.
  • Type in (or whatever port that works with your PC) and click ‘Enter’ to select the pool address. This will connect to the pool server and precede mining.
  • Next, you’ll be asked for your wallet address. Simply type in your wallet address and click ‘Enter’. It will request for a password. Simply leave that space blank and click ‘Enter’ and type ‘N’ to other requests popping up.

Screen shot of xmr-stak.exe.

  • The miner will connect to the mining pool and then you can start hashing. Wait until you see ‘logged into mining_pool: port’ and then close the software.

Note: You can type in ‘c’ to view the ‘Connection Status’, ‘h’ to view the ‘Hashrate Report’ and ‘r’ to view the ‘Results Table’.

Once that is complete, you are ready to mine AEON.

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