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RHOVIT is a media distribution platform using blockchain technology and a digital coin, Rbit, to reward participants in the community. The Rbit token is an ERC20 token built atop the Ethereum platform that is used and mined on the RHOVIT Platform and distributed out to the RHOVIT community in a variety of ways. Read our full analysis of the RHOVIT ICO.

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Team Members

Matt McCullough (LinkedIn)
Mary McCullough (LinkedIn)
Charles Voltron (LinkedIn)
Carlos Adrian Martinez (LinkedIn)
Tanja Richter (LinkedIn)
Dima Popovici (LinkedIn)
Nicolas Erreca (LinkedIn)
Vanessa G. Vasquez (LinkedIn)
Danny O``Neill (LinkedIn)
Michelle Lange (LinkedIn)
Miranda Ordonez (LinkedIn)
Phillipe Erwin (LinkedIn)
Mark Stanwyck (LinkedIn)
Craig Wilson (LinkedIn)
Bill Sutman (LinkedIn)
Peter Bergstrom (LinkedIn)
Mitch Berman (LinkedIn)
Arash Emami (LinkedIn)

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