Starts: 2/1/18 Ends: 3/20/18

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Opporty provides unique opportunities for those who have just started doing business or have recently entered a particular industry. Thanks to Opporty’s Escrow and smart contracts, customers are protected by the community and are willing to order services from service providers who may not yet have built a strong reputation. Read our full analysis of Opporty ICO here.

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Team Members

Sergey Grybniak (LinkedIn)
Katerina Sukhenko (LinkedIn)
Emil Dudnyk (LinkedIn)
Vadym Huza (LinkedIn)
Nikita Lakisov (LinkedIn)
Illia Lakisov (LinkedIn)
Vlad Bilous (LinkedIn)
Sergey Gerasimchuk (LinkedIn)
Vladimir Kovalchuk (LinkedIn)
Sergey Silin (LinkedIn)
Michael Khvostyak (LinkedIn)
Ivan Lihoy (LinkedIn)
Kristina Savchuk (LinkedIn)
Vladislav Velev (LinkedIn)
Evgeniy Avedov (LinkedIn)
Irma Nanovskaya (LinkedIn)
Maria Shinkaruk (LinkedIn)
Andrii Khakhariev (LinkedIn)
Andrey Ivanchenko (LinkedIn)
Michelle Matte (LinkedIn)
Denis Malyuga (LinkedIn)
Yuriy Ivankov (LinkedIn)
Maryana Andrievskaya (LinkedIn)
Elie Galam (LinkedIn)
Sead Muftic (LinkedIn)
Wulf Kaal (LinkedIn)
Michael Kapilkov (LinkedIn)
Marc Kenigsberg (LinkedIn)
Esteban Van Goor (LinkedIn)

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