The Kudos Project

Starts: 11/1/17 Ends: 11/18/17

BMJ QuickScore: 2.3





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“Kudos is the protocol and cryptocurrency for service-oriented businesses,” the project’s whitepaper reads. “Kudos is the fastest and easiest way to rate and equitably reward both users and workers. Read our full analysis of the Kudos Project ICO.

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Team Members

Adam Nestler (LinkedIn)
Brad Werntz (LinkedIn)
Lou Harwood (LinkedIn)
Craig Nestler (LinkedIn)
Lindsay Dougherty (LinkedIn)
Hayden Broberg (LinkedIn)
Erol Erturk (LinkedIn)
Steven Nerayoff (LinkedIn)
Ben Johnson (LinkedIn)
Jeremy Epstein (LinkedIn)
Christo Wilson (LinkedIn)
Jeff Pulver (LinkedIn)

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