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The CLOUT network hosts a variety of news and articles about the blockchain. Not only this, but articles on crypto investments and even a detailed up to date analysis of all upcoming ICOs will be made available. It is for the first time that influential members of the cryptocurrency community will be acknowledged in CLOUTs "Who's Who" section, giving them their due recognition they deserve for their positive contributions towards the community. Newcomers to the world of crypto would access highly sought for content to assist them in getting started. Read our full analysis of CLOUT ICO here.

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Team Members

Sean Kirtz (LinkedIn)
Frank Lucido (LinkedIn)
Dean James (LinkedIn)
Simon Josef (LinkedIn)
David Cohen (LinkedIn)
Ryan Fugger (LinkedIn)
Serge Nikitin (LinkedIn)
Andrew Zubko (LinkedIn)
Dennard Small (LinkedIn)
Destiny Aigbe (LinkedIn)
Ihor Pidruchny (LinkedIn)
Vilma Mattila (LinkedIn)
Jeff Kirdeikis (LinkedIn)
Bonnie Normile (LinkedIn)
Anurag Rathore (LinkedIn)
Jen Buakaew (LinkedIn)
Andrew Ingram (LinkedIn)
Atsushi Hisatsumi (LinkedIn)
Francisco Jo (LinkedIn)
Issac Lee (LinkedIn)
Henry Wang (LinkedIn)
Afrikanus Kofi Akosa (LinkedIn)

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