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Cashaa is a next-generation, blockchain-based platform that aims to provide many of the financial services offered by banks, allowing users to send, receive, lend, borrow, and trade money without having to go through a more traditional financial institution, which could be slow, expensive, and complex. Read our full analysis of Cashaa ICO here.

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Team Members

Kumar Gaurav (LinkedIn)
Celestine Vettical (LinkedIn)
Dominic Melo (LinkedIn)
Francesco Zorgno (LinkedIn)
Felice N. Covelli (LinkedIn)
Janina Lowisz (LinkedIn)
Rakesh Lakhey (LinkedIn)
Enrique Lau (LinkedIn)
Simo Mcunu (LinkedIn)
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy (LinkedIn)
Amjad Raza Khan (LinkedIn)
John Henry Clippinger (LinkedIn)
Tim Campbell (LinkedIn)
Richard Kastelein (LinkedIn)
Akash Gaurav (LinkedIn)
Alex Norta (LinkedIn)
Winston Gilpin (LinkedIn)
Anil Earla (LinkedIn)
Colum Rafferty (LinkedIn)
Dinesh Prasad (LinkedIn)
Rajesh Dhuddu (LinkedIn)

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