Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Rating Sites 2019


The more the digital asset markets mature, the more businesses that focus on digital assets emerge. A new type of business that appeared during the 2017 bull market was digital asset rating platforms.

We’ve put together a list of the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency rating sites (other than our own Bitcoin Market Journal, of course) that you can use to help with your investment decision-making process in 2019.

Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Rating Sites 2019

We have ranked the following websites using criteria such as Alexa ranking, number of backlinks, and social media followers, among other criteria.

NameDescriptionFounding YearAlexa Rank (Global)Number of BacklinksTwitter FollowersFacebook FollowersScore
TokenMarketTokenMarket is one of the most established ICO and STO listing platforms as well as a Token Sale-as-a-Service platform that helps blockchain projects launch their crowdsales.2016152,35132,47023,5009,6504
ICOBenchICObench refers to itself as "an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts." However, while the platform ranks highly on several metrics, there have been several reports suggesting that the platform takes payments to rank ICOs better than others. Hence, ICOBench needs to be used with caution despite ranking highly using our chosen metrics. 201737,98283,16012,20012,3964
ICO DropsICO Drops is an independent ICO/Token Sale database that provides insight into a wide range of token sales. It is one of the most popular and active cryptocurrency ratings sites and provides interesting insight into the most important new projects about which investors should know.201774,08638,97056,700n.a.3.5
ICOHolderICOHolder is an analytics platform that provides "institutional and retail investors access to real-time, high-quality, reliable market and pricing data," according to its website. The platform provides cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain data, social media data, reports, audits, reviews, and cryptocurrency indices. 2017120,235230,2901,24311,2923.5
ICO BazarICObazaar is an information platform for digital asset and blockchain investors. The website provides independent ICO ratings and reviews from experts in the field of blockchain technology.2017315,183103,0709,5267,5353.5
Top ICO ListTop ICO List is an ICO directory that is curated by internal full-time ICO analysts who identify and list the best token sales in which digital asset investors can invest.2017329,51639,1405,51318,8153.5
Smith & CrownSmith + Crown is a leading blockchain research organization that was launched in 2013. The company provides in-depth research into blockchain projects as well as publishing industry research.2013718,36618,67012,3003093
ICO RatingICORating is an analytical agency that has been delivering independent research since 2016 with a focus on the detailed assessment of ICO, STO, and post-ICO projects. 2016154,84626,58034,800n.a.3
ICO WatchlistICO Watchlist is an ICO listing platform that provides an insight into the latest blockchain projects that are seeking to raise funds through token sales.2017328,85585,3002,9032,7363
ICOmarksICOmarks is an independent platform for the analysis and research of token sales. The platform has its own rating system that is used to compile its ICO listings.201772,29117,2702,2297122.5
ICO AlertICO Alert is an ICO-focused research platform that offers reliable information about ICOs for institutional and retail investors.2017342,85720,70050,800n.a.2.5
Track ICOTrack ICO is a platform that was launched to provide investors with reliable information about the best ICOs and STOs in the market as well as to help blockchain projects attract more investors.2017144,75995,1586872

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