Top Blockchain Podcasts, Rated and Reviewed for 2019

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YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. With video content that makes it the largest digital content network, YouTube offers a little bit of everything to everyone on almost every subject. Considering that there is such a small amount of credible data available for the casual investor concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain investing, YouTube has become the de facto fount of altcoin explainers and crypto market investing advice.

Our team researched the best YouTube blockchain podcasts and created a detailed list of the top podcasts for 2020. Our scoring looks at the number of subscribers a podcast has, the number of views of the podcast’s most popular video, the number of videos posted to the podcast and the consistency of the postings, the production quality of the videos, and the quality of the information conveyed. Our team also noted if a podcast was rebroadcasted from outside YouTube and if any additional content was added.

PodcastDescriptionNumber of SubscribersNumber of Views for Most Watched VideoNumber of VideosProduction QualityQuality/Quantity of News/Advice OfferedConsistency of PostingsScore
MrSotko CryptocurrencyCommenting on crypto rumors and critiques of other professional members of the crypto community, MrSotko Cryptocurrency is more of a personal monologue than actual analysis. The podcast focuses on cryptocurrency news and current trends.167739370211646560904.5
Doug Polk CryptoOne of the most popular crypto podcasts on YouTube, the Doug Polk Crypto podcast is the brainchild of multi-channel curator Doug Polk. While not claiming to be an expert, Polk offers his opinions and advice regarding crypto investing and his take on the state of YouTube crypto advising.194116603579617070804.5
Ledger Cast PodcastThe podcast of the website Ledger Status, Ledger Cast offers a personal feeling to its advice and explainers on the crypto world. With interviews from industry insiders, there is little to differentiate it from simply being a filmed audio podcast. This is not to say that Ledger Cast is an excellent resource for those looking for insight on new crypto projects and on the trending news about the crypto market.26882022468075454
The Crypto Street PodcastThe YouTube podcast of "The Crypto Street Podcast" is simply the audio podcast played against a static image. While the podcast is a strong fount for industry interviews and conversation, it only uses YouTube as a distribution network -- adding nothing to its presentation.46133673128085754
Not Another Crypto PodcastIn the YouTube recording of the British podcast "Not Another Crypto Podcast," Angus Maidment and Jason Allen Scott offer their insight on crypto news and rumors. Not much more than a camera recording of their podcast production, the YouTube version has yet to truly take off, although the audio version is popular enough to be sponsored.2364652386570903.5
The Dog PoundOffering more charts and supporting graphics than the typical podcast show, the Dog Pound feels clunky at times, but entretaining. Regularly featuring interviews with prominent members of the crypto community, the conversation is off-the-cuff but informative.11326573142065752.5
Did You Know Crypto PodcastSlightly more substantive than the average podcase YouTube presentation, but without the charts of the Dog Pound, the Did You Know Crypto Podcast consists of conversations and inteviews relevant to the crypto community. 551133293580652.5
Crypto Titans PodcastSimply a rebroadcast of the audio Crypto Titans podcast, the YouTube version adds nothing to the presentation. The podcast, however, is useful as it offers interviews with crypto leaders and innovators.95737500901002.5
Swiss Crypto PodcastOffering charts to support its claims, the Swiss Crypto Podcast offers its take on crypto news. This is one of the few YouTube crypto podcasts that appear to be original to YouTube. This is also one of the newest podcasts, created in September 2018. 33470286050951.5

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