Top Crypto Newsletters, Rated and Reviewed


Crypto newsletters are an excellent way to stay up to date with the latest news, events, and developments surrounding the digital asset markets. As a digital currency investor, knowing what’s happening in the market is essential as it can help you to make better investment decisions.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best crypto newsletters for 2022, other than our own Bitcoin Market Journal newsletter, of course!

What is a Crypto Newsletter?

A crypto newsletter is a regularly published piece of content that delves into various topics related to cryptocurrency, including the blockchain, NFTs, altcoins, and more. Unlike a blog posted publicly to a company’s website, a crypto newsletter is sent to your inbox and requires an email sign-up. Often, these newsletters offer exclusive content and unique insights that you may not find on a company’s blog.

Best Crypto Newsletters

We have selected and ranked the below listed digital currency and blockchain-focused newsletters using criteria such as launch year, publishing frequency, and the number of subscribers, among others.

NameLaunch YearPublishing FrequencyNumber of SubscribersDegree of Investment FocusTwitter FollowersScore
Coinmarketcap20135x Week1 million54.6M4.5
Coin Metrics2017Weekly?492K4.0
The Defiant2017Daily10,000+579.5K4.0
The Pomp Letter2018Daily210,00051.4M3.5
Crypto Weekly2017Weekly6,00052,4493.5
MIT DCI Newsletter2019Quarterly?41.1M3.5
NFT Lately20212x Week?45,2983.5
The Block Crypto2018Daily?4216.5K3.5
Long Reads Sunday2018Weekly2,170455.6K3

coindesk logo


  • Publishing Frequency: Daily-Weekly
  • Number of Subscribers: 477,000
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 5

Coindesk is an integrated platform that offers news, events, data, and research on all things cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Coindesk offers a range of newsletters for experienced and beginner investors alike.

Some of the options include First Mover, which covers the latest news in crypto markets, Money Reimagined, which explores the transformation of value in the digital age, and The Node, which covers the biggest crypto news and ideas of the day. (BMJ Score: 4.5)


  • Publishing Frequency:  5x Week
  • Number of Subscribers: 1 million
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 5

CoinMarketCap offers a robust daily crypto newsletter packed with updates, analysis, and news about the cryptocurrency space. The newsletter is delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday and has over a million subscribers. (BMJ Score: 4.5)

cointelegraph logoCointelegraph

  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

Cointelegraph offers a newsletter called the Crypto Biz. Released every Thursday, the newsletter offers commentary from Cointelegraph’s business editor, Sam Bourgi, as well as a round up of the week’s top news. (BMJ Score: 4.5)

coinmetrics Coin Metrics

  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly 
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

Coin Metrics offers an unbiased, weekly overview of the crypto ecosystem. The newsletter focuses on market data as well as weekly updates on the market’s conditions. (BMJ Score: 4.0)


  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Number of Subscribers: 16,000
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

With over 16,000 subscribers, Unbankd has emerged as one of the most popular daily crypto newsletters. The newsletter spans beyond investing in digital assets and covers a wide range of topics affecting the growing decentralized economy. While the newsletter is robust, the website doesn’t offer anything besides a newsletter sign-up link. (BMJ Score: 3.5)


  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms, also offers a weekly newsletter. The newsletter focuses on pricing, market analysis, and more. (BMJ Score: 4.0)

the defiant logoThe Defiant

  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Number of Subscribers: 10,000+
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 5

The Defiant’s newsletter offers unbiased, objective journalism focused on decentralized finance. In addition to a newsletter, The Defiant also offers a YouTube channel, podcast, and blog site. (BMJ Score: 4.0)


  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Number of Subscribers: 61,000
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 5

​​CoinSnacks is another top-rated crypto newsletter for bitcoin and altcoin investors with over 11,000 subscribers. This weekly newsletter provides price analysis, market insight, and exclusive interviews with leading figures in the blockchain industry. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

the pompThe Pomp Letter

  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Number of Subscribers: 210K
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 5

Formerly known as Off The Chain, the Pomp Letter is a crypto newsletter focused on bitcoin, the tokenization of assets, and the wider blockchain industry. If you’re a paid subscriber, you even get access to audio episodes. Written by digital asset portfolio manager and popular podcaster Anthony Pompliano, this newsletter is a must-read for serious bitcoin investors. (BMJ Score: 3.5)


  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Number of Subscribers: 6,000
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 5

CryptoWeekly is an email newsletter that provides industry insight, expert price analysis, exclusive interviews, and more. The bi-weekly newsletter goes to over 6,000 subscribers, which is a testament to its quality and popularity. (BMJ Score: 3.5)


  • Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

MIT previously issued a blockchain and crypto newsletter called the Chain Letter, which focused on the most important events in the digital asset industry. However, the Chain Letter stopped publishing in 2020.

Luckily, MIT has a new crypto-focused newsletter called the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI). A research community puts together DCI at MIT Media Lab, and while it’s only published quarterly, it offers exclusive information related to MIT’s crypto and blockchain research efforts. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

nft latelyNFT Lately

  • Publishing Frequency:  2x Week
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

NFT Lately offers a bi-weekly newsletter covering the latest NFT drops and news, as well as exclusive information about how to access the latest NFTs. Their website also offers a blog and a section dedicated to NFT reviews. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

the blockThe Block Crypto

  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

The Block Crypto offers a reliable newsletter that delivers deep insights into how the traditional finance world interacts with the emerging world of cryptocurrency. The Block also offers podcasts, events, and market reports. (BMJ Score: 3.5)


  • Publishing Frequency: ?
  • Number of Subscribers: ?
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

Decrypt offers the latest Bitcoin and Ethereum news. Decrypt also offers videos, podcasts, and an app. (BMJ Score: 3.5)


  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Number of Subscribers: 120K+
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

Messari offers a daily newsletter compiled by their crypto research team. The newsletter is delivered daily so you can get front row access to the latest crypto news. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

nat whittemoreLong Reads Sunday

  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Number of Subscribers: 2,170
  • Degree of Investment Focus: 4

Long Reads Sunday is a weekly newsletter written by Nathaniel Whittemore, a marketing and strategy consultant to bitcoin and blockchain companies. In this weekly newsletter, he shares what the industry’s leading figures have spoken about on Twitter and highlights the week’s most relevant themes in crypto. (BMJ Score: 3.0)

Why Subscribe to Crypto Newsletters?

Crypto newsletters are great for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on digital assets. While blogs and news articles are a great place to start, they often don’t go as in-depth as some crypto newsletters do.

Many of these newsletters offer exclusive information that you won’t find anywhere else, and in some cases, you’ll get priority access to events, podcasts, and other exciting happenings in the crypto space. Plus, scrolling through the news can be a bit overwhelming. With a crypto newsletter, you’ll get all the week’s important information in one spot.

If you’re looking for another  great crypto newsletter that provides valuable information for crypto investors, subscribe to the Bitcoin Market Journal newsletter today.


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