Best Bitcoin IRAs, Rated and Reviewed for 2020


Bitcoin IRA providers enable US investors to add digital currency exposure to their retirement portfolios in a user-friendly and tax-beneficial manner.

Here, we’ve assembled a few of the best bitcoin IRAs to help you choose the best possible provider to help you with your digital asset retirement investments.

Best Bitcoin IRA Accounts

We’ve used metrics such as fees, minimum investment requirements, number of supported digital assets, among others, to determine our BMJ score for each Bitcoin IRA provider.

IRADescriptionLaunch YearNo. of Investable Digital AssetsMinimum Investment (USD)Twitter FollowersFeesScore
Broad Financial Broad Financial recognized the increase in competition surrounding Bitcoin IRAs, so they decided to differentiate themselves in a few key categories. For starters, they have no minimum investment and offer a flat fee structure. They also claim to offer IRAs with the option to include whichever cryptocurrency the investor desires. Investors will have near total control of their Self Directed IRA should they choose Broad Financial. 2004All Digital Assets0162Broad Financial offers a flat fee structure of $1,295 to set up a Self Direct IRA. 4.0
iTrust Capital iTrustCapital was founded by industry leaders in the alternative investment IRA industry. iTrustCapital is the leading digital asset IRA trading platform that allows clients to directly buy and trade cryptocurrencies and physical gold in real-time through their retirement accounts. 201861000988iTrust Capital charges a flat monthly rate of $29.95 in addition to a 1% on all crypto trades and $50 over spot fee for gold. 4.0
BitcoinIRABitcoinIRA has managed to position itself as the market leader in the digital currency IRA space since its launch in 2016. The California-based IRA provider claims that customers can sign up for a Bitcoin IRA in as little as three minutes. BitcoinIRA has completed an impressive $400+ million in transactions and they now offer custody insurance up to $100 million. 2016850002043Bitcoin IRA has a fee based on the amount invested, and Kingdom Trust IRA also has additional custodian and security fees. 3.5
CoinIRACoinIRA's parent company, GoldCo, has over ten years of experience managing gold-based IRAs. Although they are newer to the scene, CoinIRA has a solid group of professionals backing the company. CoinIRA has an eye popping $30,000 minimum investment for cash accounts, but they state that the minimum is waived when setting up a Bitcoin IRA.201760N/ACoinIRA fees line up with the average in the industry, asking for an estimated 10-15% of the digital assets. 3.5
BitIRACalifornia-based BitIRA launched in 2017 to enable investors to invest in a range of digital assets in a tax-beneficial way as part of their retirement planning. Currently, the IRA provider offers eight investable digital assets. Digital currency IRAs can be set up as a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, or a SIMPLE account. 2017820000234Information Unnavailable3.0
BlockMintLear Capital oversees the BlockMint operation, and the parent company has done nearly $3 billion in retirement asset transactions. BlockMint ensures custodians secure holdings with offline cold storage wallets.1997610000N/ABlockMint charges a fee of 15% to purchase your cryptocurrency and provides discounts based on volume. Equity Trust, the IRS approved Custodian for your account, charges a one-time $50 account establishment fee, a one-time $500 platform enrollment fee along with a 1% transaction fee. To securely store and maintain your Crypto IRA, there is an annual maintenance fee of $195, a monthly platform maintenance fee of $20 and a .07% storage fee per month on the Crypto IRA balance.3.0
Regal AssetsRegal Assets commands a powerful position in the Bitcoin IRA space. They have a substantial following on social media, which is likely due to their early start incorportating digital assets into financial products. They offer a clean and professional approach to digital asset IRA investing along with other types of IRAs like gold and silver. 2010850004430Information Unnavailable3.0
BitAdvizersBitAdvizers takes a secular approach to managing crypto IRAs. They offer personalized investment advice where an account executive serves as the sole point of contact. BitAdvizers puts emphasis on clients aged 50-70 looking to boost the growth of their traditional IRAs. 2009610000N/AInvestors will pay a one-time $550 fee for account setup and enrollment. Transaction fees will vary. Storage and maintenance fees for your cryptocurrency IRA are $195 annually plus $20 per month, and 0.07% on the IRA balance.3.0
Bitvest IRABitvest IRA uses their own miners to collect Bitcoins for use in an IRA. Customers can purchase Bitcoin from Bitvest IRA at a discounted rate of up to 20% for deferred delivery or immediate purchase. You can choose among several options for Bitcoin purchases.20146Information Unnavailable37Information Unnavailable2.5
Noble BitcoinNoble Bitcoin was founded by the teamble Gold Investments, which is a firm that is well versed in precious metals IRAs. The California based company offers a simple four step process where investors can transfer funds from their existing 401k/IRA to a new Bitcoin IRA. 20164Information UnavailableN/AInformation Unnavailable2.0

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