Would You Wear This Crypto T-Shirt?

Summary: We’re planning an exciting new benefit for our Premium members involving T-shirts. Subscribe here and follow me to find out when they’re available.

We’re planning an exciting new benefit for Premium members. We can’t say exactly what it is, except that it involves T-shirts.

Before we commit to designs, we’d like to get your opinion: which of the T-shirts below would you actually wear?

We’ve put together a brief survey, where you can rate each T-shirt from 1 (would never wear) to 5 (would totally wear).

As thanks for filling out the survey, we’ll choose one respondent to win any of the T-shirts pictured here (your choice).

Your odds of winning are probably higher than you think. Plus, it will be fun.

bitcoin vintage

Vintage Bitcoin 2008

This comfortable, fashionable T-shirt will show that you were in it from the early days. Celebrate the 2008 financial crisis and the incredible invention it inspired. The tri-blend fit is soft and cozy, with a unique vintage look. (Available in various colors.)

piggy bank


Show that you’re a HODLer with this hand-drawn illustration of a bitcoin being tucked away in a lovable oinker. This 100% cotton T-shirt is comfortable and flattering, even if you’ve grown (just like your bitcoin savings account). Available in various colors.

blocky mcblockchain

Blocky McBlockchain

An adorable illustration of the lovable mascot who’s here to remind you that “blockchain is your friend.” Show that you’re a Blockchain Believer without all the technical jargon. This 100% cotton T-shirt is time-tested and Blocky McBlockchain-approved. (Note: Blocky will have a small chain for a tail.)

bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin

Bitcoin Classic Album

From the 1970s funk band Electron Aerodynamic comes this classic album cover predicting the birth of bitcoin, inspiring a young Satoshi Nakamoto, who listened to this album over 10,000 times while learning to code. This soft, comfortable, 100% cotton T-shirt will keep you grooving deep into the night as you sing that funk-fueled chorus: “Gonna spend my daddy’s bitcoin.”


Non-Fungible Human

Proclaim your non-fungibility as everyone else struggles to conform. This super-soft tri-blend T-shirt is fashionable enough to wear on dates, and comfortable enough to wear to bed. In an age of fungibility, remind the world that you’re one of a kind, baby! (Available in various colors.)

satoshi vitalik

Four Horsemen

Proudly celebrate the Four Horsemen of the Cryptocalypse: Satoshi Nakamoto (bitcoin), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Hayden Adams (Uniswap), and Changpeng Zhao (Binance). We also happen to think they are the greatest four investments in crypto. This soft, tri-blend T-shirt wears like a favorite shirt, and shares your favorite creators. (Available in assorted colors; Hayden Adams not included.)

og bitcoiner

OG Bitcoiner

Show off your OG status to all the crypto-come-latelys while you lean behind the keyboard of your customized AntMiner S19 Pro, tweaking its SHA-256 mining algorithm to your custom specs. This 100% cotton fit is also suitable for wearing to the funerals of your fellow gang members taken down in drive-by tweetings. It feels good to be a crypto gangsta. (Available in black only.)

metaverse is here

The Metaverse is Here

Show the world that the metaverse is already here, and you’re in it. Build confidence in the future of technology with this stylized illustration of metaverse users mixing it up in mixed reality. This comfy, spun-cotton T-shirt will keep getting better with age, just like the Metaverse itself.

shaft of light

Shaft of Light

This gorgeous, hand-drawn illustration reminds you of the days spent underground in endless work and toil, before you finally came upon the glorious promise of riches. It is a T-shirt, an allegory, and a promise all in one. This soft, supple, tri-blend T-shirt will remind you what you’re working toward, every time you look in the mirror. (Note: Final colors will be matched.)

i dated satoshi

I Dated Satoshi

Remind the world of your close personal friendship with the creator of bitcoin. This skin-soft tri-blend T-shirt is suitable for all genders and orientations. Paternity test not included. (Available in various colors.)



The ultimate expression of crypto optimism, reassuring the world We’re All Gonna Make It. This super-wearable, 100% cotton T-shirt features a vintage design and a classic message of hope. Those in the know will smile at your style. (Available in various colors.)

bitcoin whitepaper

Bitcoin White Paper

The ultimate statement in geek chic: the entire first page of the legendary 2008 bitcoin white paper, proclaiming the vision of a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The document that ignited a revolution, now available on this cozy tri-blend T-shirt that’s suitable for coding, cooking, or cuddling. (Available in various colors.)


Miner 2049er

Proclaim your support for the Bitcoin Miner’s Union of 2049, where crypto farmers rise up to demand livable wages from their endless toil in warehouses full of mining rigs. Show that you are on the side of organized labor, even while the bitcoin barons urge them to “decentralize.” This 100% cotton T-shirt is guaranteed to hold up, even in the unfairest of working conditions. (Available in various colors.)

vintage hat

Vintage Bitcoin Ballcap

Keep bitcoin always on your mind with this vintage ballcap, embroidered with this gorgeous four-color design. Show that you are beholden to no company, no brand, no slogan: just the decentralized ethos of bitcoin.

bitcoin sunshine

Bitcoin Sunshine

Stay sunny and stay warm with this comfortable, wearable long-sleeve T-shirt that radiates good vibes. It can be styled with jeans for a casual look, or worn with a blazer for a classier business look. For those extra-cold days, it matches every hoodie in your wardrobe. (Available in various colors.)

We’d love your feedback on the styles above. Didn’t see the token or slogan you were hoping for? There’s a place to give us feedback on that, too.

Thanks for taking the survey, and for helping us build the future of Bitcoin Market Journal.

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