Top Blockchain Healthcare Projects, Rated and Reviewed

Medical equipment on a tabletop including stethoscope, jars of medication and needles.

The healthcare industry has been a prime target for disruption by blockchain startups that aim to leverage distributed ledger technology to improve the status quo of healthcare services delivery and secure medical records sharing.

In this guide, we compare the best blockchain healthcare projects whose tokens you could add to your portfolio in 2020.

Best Blockchain Healthcare Projects

We have compiled a list of the most promising healthcare project tokens and ranked them according to criteria such as market capitalization, trading volume, and the size of a project’s social media following.

NameDescriptionLaunch YearMarket Cap ($)Trading Voume ($)Amount Raised During ICO ($)Twitter FollowersScore
Solve (SOLVE)Solve.Care was launched with the mission to decentralize the administration of healthcare and other benefit programs globally.2018100,540,4077,092,49220,000,00011,0004.5
MediBloc (MEDX)MediBloc is a healthcare information platform that enables patients to take ownership of their medical records and share them with healthcare providers and researchers.201711,000,00050,00021,240,0008,0003.5
Dentacoin (DCN)Dentacoin is the world's first blockchain solution for the global dentistry solution that provides an ecosystem of applications and a digital currency for dentists.201720,000,000100,0003,000,00020,0003.5
Aenco (AEN)Aenco is a healthtech financial solutions platform that is powered by the project's own blockchain. The platform enables healthcare businesses to provide a broad array of impactful real-life applications.20187,000,000100,00016,456,0003,0002.5
Humanscape (HUM)Humanscape is developing a healthcare data sharing platform that aims to help researchers to develop cures needed to tackle the over 7,000 incurable diseases in the world.20183,000,00050,0004,324,5962,0001.5
MediShares (MDS)MediShares is an open-source, decentralized mutual aid marketplace powered by and built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. 20182,000,000250,000?2,0002
Lympo (LYM)Lympo provides a healthy lifestyle ecosystem powered by the blockchain that enables users to monetize their sports and health data using the platform's native token.20182,000,000100,0008,366,62714,0002.5

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