Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Bangalore, Rated and Reviewed

The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency meetup in Bangalore, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of members, user rating, and activity level. Use it as a guide for which meetups to attend in 2023.

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Meetup Group Name Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
Hyperledger Bangalore 2,208 4 5 4.5
In Crypto We Trust 10,229 1 5 3.5
Blockchained India 4,643 1 5 3.5
Blockchain and NFT Events 929 3 4 3
Exploring Blockchain, Bangalore Meetup 1,457 3 1 2.5
Blockchain + Crypto India 1,394 3 2 2.5
Blockchain Group 1,310 3 2 2.5
India Ethereum Community – DLT and Smart Contracts – Bangalore 1,078 2 4 2.5

hyperledger bangaloreHyperledger Bangalore

Members: 2,208
Activity Level: Very High

This is a Hyperledger meetup group specific to Bangalore. As a Hyperledger meetup group, they have an informal relationship with Hyperledger and serve as a key part of their ecosystem. Participation is open to anyone; you don’t have to be an employee of a Hyperledger member company.

in crypto we trustIn Crypto We Trust

Members: 10,229
Activity Level: Very High

This group is aimed toward a wide range of crypto enthusiasts whether they’re interested in trading, the technology, proof-of-work systems, or P2P electronic cash systems.

blockchained indiaBlockchained India

Members: 4,643
Activity Level: Very High

A group of individuals, driven by their curiosity, started this meetup as a way to explore blockchain technology beyond bitcoin, and they want to share that information with their community members. They want to help startups that are tackling problems through distributed ledger technology.

blockchain and nft eventsBlockchain and NFT Events

Members: 929
Activity Level: High

This group features some of the brightest in blockchain at their events. Their recent webinars have focused on topics such as emerging trends in technology, generative AI, and zero knowledge proofs. Consider joining this 900+ member group if those topics interest you.

exploring blockchain bangalore meetupExploring Blockchain, Bangalore Meetup

Members: 1,457
Activity Level: Very Low

This group brings together tech enthusiasts and subject matter experts from various industries to explore new applications for blockchain technology. They recognize the potential for adoption in multiple sectors.

blockchain + crypto indiaBlockchain + Crypto India

Members: 1,394
Activity Level: Low

This group aims to share blockchain knowledge and foster technology awareness. They want to prepare the next generation of enterprise-grade blockchain developers and thought leaders in India.

blockchain groupBlockchain Group

Members: 1,310
Activity Level: Low

This group is for developers interested in blockchain no matter what language they’re proficient in. The meetup also welcomes beginner programmers too. They like to code a lot and are specifically focused on tools, languages, and technologies, not the associated cryptocurrencies.

india ethereum communityIndia Ethereum Community – DLT and Smart Contracts – Bangalore

Members: 1,078
Activity Level: High

This group hosted the very first ever Blockchain India Summit in 2016. The event featured Vitalik Buterin. They are passionate about creating a blockchain ecosystem in India and globally. They also regularly host technical workshops on blockchain.


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