How to Mine Feathercoin, Step by Step (with Pics)

Pile of coins.

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a typical go-to in the advancing world of finance despite the constant challenges they face. Today, the crypto world boasts a significant amount of crypto projects seeking to further reinforce the importance of digital currencies.

Standing firm amongst these is open source cryptocurrency FeatherCoin. Harnessing the power of decentralization as a blockchain project, FeatherCoin was created to expand the crypto world and advance the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Today, FeatherCoin seeks to become the language of the future with its move toward easy availability and faster confirmation of transactions with NeoScrypt as its base algorithm, telling us that with a few clicks here and there, we can get easy access to this digital currency.

This ease extends to mining as well. You can become a Feathercoin miner with little or no crypto mining experience.

Mining FeatherCoin with a Mining Pool

The first step to take when choosing to mine is to create a wallet to receive your mined coins. For mining FeatherCoin, the first thing to do is to download a wallet, generate the wallet address, and keep it open while mining.

Also, as a beginner, it is preferable to join a mining pool. Many miners recommend P2Pool for this purpose. For this tutorial, we will be focused on an AMD based miner (NSGMiner), and a 64-bit running Windows. For the mining software, SGMiner could also be used.

The Fastest NeoScrypt GPU Miner.
  1. Download the Mining software from FeatherCoin’s Github page and install it. The active antivirus on your computer might flag this file as a malware. Simply click on any command that indicates that you can still run the program regardless of the threat it may pose.
  2. Go to the Github page to download the latest OS-compatible wallet and note the address.
  3. Next, pick your mining pool. As mentioned, P2Pool is recommended by many miners, as it provides the combined benefits of a decentralized pool and solo mining. (You could also decide to go solo. However, mining Feathercoin requires a high hashing power and rate. This is why a mining pool is advised.)

Feathercoin core wallet page.

  1. Then, create your batch file. Batch files must be created and are located within the mining software’s directory. This is so that the software can be properly executed.

Feathercoin ccminer.exe displayed on screen.

  1. Create a text document using Notepad with the following typed: “nsgminer.exe –neoscrypt -g 1 -w 128 -l 16 -o <your mining pool> -u <wallet address> -p x”
  1. Save the document as an all file format and give the file the name “mine.bat”. It is imperative to put in the mining pool address carefully as well as the wallet address. With all these in place, you are ready to earn some coins.

For more information about mining FeatherCoin, you might consider joining the forum that has been created for FeatherCoin miners.

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