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"XefoCoin is a digital currency that is not supported by any institutions. Xefocoins can be traded as payment for goods or services, is basically a way to pay without the involvement of a third-party broker. When using Xefocoins the transactions take place directly between users, so it is a peer to peer system. Afterwards the transactions are being verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain. Basscally XefoCoin is a growing, open source, peer-to-peer, digital currency that allows two willing parties to conduct safe and private transactions anywhere around the world. XefoCoin also allows you to store and invest your coins through our platform. Both methods make substantial earnings a real possibility."

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Denzell Oswald (LinkedIn)
Sonia Saignasith (LinkedIn)
Melisa Hagenguth (LinkedIn)
James Daughter (LinkedIn)
Leticia Floyd (LinkedIn)
Matthew Parry (LinkedIn)
Nicklas Gunnarsson (LinkedIn)
Amster Clark (LinkedIn)
Jennifer Catron (LinkedIn)
Allen Bradley (LinkedIn)
Shelly Landers (LinkedIn)
Kevin Landry (LinkedIn)

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