Starts: 1/31/18 Ends: 2/28/18

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The wysker app is a high-intensity visual shopping experience made for Generation Snapchat. Imagine browsing through thousands of online shops with just a single button. It is a curated and highly personalized experience with instant gratification through a novel reward model. The wysker app launches globally on Janaury 31, 2018 on Android and iOS. Get early access on wysker.com

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Questions and Answers

Is this ICO open for US residents?

Unfortunately not. U.S. residents will have to obtain the WYS token from an exchange.

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Team Members

Tobias Haag (LinkedIn)
Kai Jaeger (LinkedIn)
Dr. Ann-Lauriene Haag (LinkedIn)
Etienne Kiefer (LinkedIn)
Dr. Daniel Smith (LinkedIn)
Iken Keune (LinkedIn)
Fabian Koenig (LinkedIn)
Jan Miczaika (LinkedIn)
Joshua Scigala (LinkedIn)
Dawid Platek (LinkedIn)
Maksym Plencler (LinkedIn)
Piotr Maskala (LinkedIn)
Michal Zaborowski (LinkedIn)
Lovis Lattke (LinkedIn)
Julius Lattke (LinkedIn)
Joshua Steinberg (LinkedIn)
Ange Royall-Kahin (LinkedIn)

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