Valhalla Coin

Starts: 2/16/18 Ends: 4/16/18

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Valhalla Coin leverages the power of cryptocurrencies to enable humans to survive disasters. Cryptocurrencies by their design can be used anywhere in the world (unlike a country-based currency) at a rate set by the global market. They are much less likely to be stolen (as they are just digital private keys), and have no weight (unlike precious metals). They can also survive even huge regional disasters, due to their reliance on censensus algorithms.

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Valhalla Coin

Team Members

Dr. Ken Baylor (LinkedIn)
Ambassador Jim Foley (LinkedIn)
Blake Campbell (LinkedIn)
Nathan Wilkins (LinkedIn)
Robert Hansen (LinkedIn)
Mark Bowling (LinkedIn)
Alec Lawton (LinkedIn)
Sarah Williams (LinkedIn)
Jack Baylor (LinkedIn)
Mike Burshtyn (LinkedIn)
Shawn Carpenter (LinkedIn)
Robert McMahon (LinkedIn)
Gavin Lai (LinkedIn)
Arasu Dhanasekar (LinkedIn)
David Koehler (LinkedIn)

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