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Quick Summary

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Time Money seeks to be the first decentralized platform for people to meet and provide time- or task-based services such as coaching, consultation or other services. A unique per-minute calculation system and blockchain technology make the platform secure and transparent. All transactions between users will be written in a smart contract-based payment gateway with transactions recorded in blockchain, currently the most secure system open to the world.


  • The potential growth of Time Money may be appealing to investors. Freelance work is becoming much more common in today’s economy.
  • The platform’s options to base projects on a per-minute or per-task scale allows Time Money’s platform to host a potentially wide range of tasks.

  • Cons

  • It may be difficult for TIme Money to compete with bigger companies like LinkedIn and TaskRabbit.
  • The lack of buzz around Time Money could be concerning given that the project is relying on the presence of good services on the platform to attract new users.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see Time Money Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: To participate in the token sale visit the following link.
    • Eligibility: Time Money accepts users worldwide, but US investors must go through additional screening to participate.
    • Soft Cap: 8,000 ETH; Hard Cap: 48,000 ETH
    • Minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH; Maximum purchase is 12,000 ETH

    Market: 4

    • This project will hit heavy competition in the form of monsters like Craigslist, AngiesList, LinkedIn, and TaskRabbit.
    • The future of the on-demand economy is certainly bright. The freelance market sits at over $100 billion in valuation and will likely continue to grow as more Gen Z and Millennial workers ditch traditional office jobs. Additionally, the gig economy is currently worth over $900 billion.
    • Time Money will be starting the project in Florida, a state with a population of 20 million that the project believes presents a strong market opportunity. Time Money believes that it will grow at an average rate of 57 percent per year in Florida, and it believes that it will at reach at least 113,400 active users, which would generate $17,850,358 in annual profit.
    • Time Money believes that good services on the platform will attract additional attention to it, which is why the project will have rating, referral, and marketing systems predefined.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • By using blockchain technology, Time Money users will have total control of their assets without any government, bank, corporation, or other institutional involvement.
    • Time Money firmly believes that its fee is the lowest on the market at only 10%. That’s lower than Wag (13%), Airbnb (13%), and TaskRabbit (23%).
    • TIme Money’s platform will consist of Meeting Providers and Meeting Requesters. Meeting providers will provide skills to other users and Meeting requesters seeking users who have skills for their desired positions. These meetings will be facilitated by the platform’s smart contracts. Meeting providers can request to end meetings early if they believe that tasks are already completed, and the meeting provider can still receive full pay if their request is accepted.
    • Since Time Money will allow any service that can be per-minute or per- task-calculated, it gives opportunity to a very wide variety of people to offer their unique skill set.

    Team: 3.5

    • Team members have good experience working for the established company but do not have a great deal of blockchain experience.
    • Although not all team members are on LinkedIn, their overall presence on LinkedIn is solid and provides a good amount of transparency for the project.
    • Founder and CEO Oskars Dombrava is also the CEO of Web Media Kings, an internet marketing company. He has more than 10 years of experience with global internet marketing and he’s worked with companies in the US, Canada, and UK as a contractor for Fortune 500 Companies.
    • The project’s CTO, Agnis Meltis is a certified software programmer who has over 10 years of experience as a programmer for various projects worldwide. He currently works on projects worldwide with a company based in South Africa.
    • Team Members

    • Oskars Dombrava (LinkedIn)
    • Agnis Melits (LinkedIn)
    • Kristers Zeidaks (LinkedIn)
    • Martins Kamars (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • By using this token, people will have flexibility to use tokens as they wish to pay for services of other users, and hold or trade for other tokens or fiat currencies. Since TMONEY is an ERC20 token, it will be very easy to convert to any well-recognized token or fiat currency.
    • TMONEY is based on the Ethereum protocol and will be used for all transactions in the Time Money platform. TMONEY token will be controlled by users, so there will not be any fee for holding the TMONEY token. The formation of a large number of users participating in TMONEY is the basis for the growth of the price of the TMONEY token. The more users use TMONEY, the more in-demand and the higher their liquidity will be.
    • Max token supply is 400 million TMONEY.
    • With a Coinbase API integrated into the Time Money platform, useds will have the opportunity to develop an easy way to convert any fiat currency to Ethereum and then to TMONEY tokens.
    • The team is working to list TMONEY on exchanges; however, the main listing place will be the Time Money platform, as the token is a utility token.

    User Adoption: 4

    • Time Money has some impressive press surrounding their project. They’ve been featured on Business Insider, Forbes, and Techradar along with other crypto review sites.
    • Time Money has very little social buzz around the project with about 6,500 followers on Facebook, about 1,200 followers on Twitter, and about 1,100 followers on Instagram.
    • Time Money will use a 5-star rating system to ensure that users provide quality meetings and are satisfied with the service. A bonus system will be implemented to motivate users to achieve a 5-star rating.
    • The TMONEY token could potentially free users from dependence on banks or any other financial institutions.

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