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Streamity services include news and analysis, investment, and educational resources, each existing as an independent business environment. We are creating an attractive and powerful portal in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which will integrate news, ideas, high-quality analysis in one personal account, unique training courses created by experts in various fields, algorithms and ready-made solutions for trading, a number of forums with token remuneration, user-friendly interface, and timely data submission. All of this will involve blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

How to Invest

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Questions and Answers

When will the Streamity platform become available?

StreamDesk launched in the first quarter of 2018. The rest of the platform is scheduled to roll out over the next year.

Which currencies can I use to buy STM?

Streamity accepts bitcoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and fiat currencies in exchange for STM tokens.

What is the cost of an STM token?

During the ICO, one STM token costs 0.2 United States dollars.

Where is Streamity based?

Streamity is based in Singapore.

When was Streamity launched?

The project debuted in May 2017.

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Team Members

Vladislav Kuznetsov (LinkedIn)
Dmitriy Martianov (LinkedIn)
Maxim Smirnov (LinkedIn)
Sergey Bevzenko (LinkedIn)
Egor Okhterov (LinkedIn)
Paul Bolgarskih (LinkedIn)
Maxim Yarushin (LinkedIn)
Olga Prosalova (LinkedIn)
Daniil Lobov (LinkedIn)
Sergii Kolomiiets (LinkedIn)

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