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This project has a clear structure, good transparency and a strong experienced team. They also tend to create new economic environment for the audiences by transcending the differences between the participants. Social Good ICO is worth participating.



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Quick Summary

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The Social Good Project is a global activity based on a vision of “improving society” that transcends national, racial, religious, and cultural differences, and in which all people around the world can participate. Each time holders of Social Good purchase items from companies participating in the Social Good Ecosystem, they automatically receive a cash back payment of some percentage of the purchase price. Simultaneously, an AI algorithm provides part of the cash back payment as economic support to organizations contributing to society globally. The SocialGood cryptocurrency is designed such that its asset value is expected to increase, providing value for participating in the ecosystem from outside, so that the ecosystem will grow automatically.


  • The ecosystem encourages user base growth and an increase in the token’s value.
  • The ecosystem structure is also enticing for partners because of its potential to increase sales.
  • The mobile app makes Social Good easy for consumers to use.

  • Cons

  • There are limited use cases for the token.
  • The team’s lack of blockchain experience could hinder the project’s progress.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see SocialGood Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: To participate in the Social Good ICO, register at the following link.
    • Minimum purchase 1SG; no maximum purchase limit
    • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH, USD

    Market: 4

    • Viewed from the perspective of the distribution of goods and services, Social Good has the potential to become the world’s largest retail company.
    • Just like the motivation to register with cashback sites, motivation for companies to join the Social Good Ecosystem is the acquisition of new customers via the expansion of touch points. For example, more than 2,000 companies have registered with the large US online cashback site EBATES, and the net sales of these companies are growing at an annual rate of 45%. The site’s transaction volume is $9.7 Billion (FY 2017).

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • By analyzing Social Good holder buying histories and big data using AI, Social Good develops recommendations that span real life and EC by, for example, recommending Store B to a person who purchased Magazine A.
    • Cash back payments will be executed using Ethereum Smart Contracts developed by the Social Good Foundation without mediation by intermediaries, and cash back rates will be disclosed in the smart contracts for each alliance company to preserve transparency. In other words, the project is targeting a decentralized cashback network.
    • The Social Good Center is an operating company that conducts a cash back business in each country and is a separate company from the Social Good Foundation, which issues the cryptocurrency.
    • Enhancing the performance of AI recommendations increases buying frequency within the Social Good Ecosystem, which results in increases in Social Good-denominated cash back payments.
    • With a tighter supply and demand, the Social Good price could reasonably be expected to increase.

    Team: 3.5

    • The team is well-versed in the financial sector, with a strong fintech background.
    • The Social Good team also has a lot of experience with startup development.
    • Only one of the team members listed on the site has blockchain experience.
    • Team Members

    • Soichiro Takaoka (LinkedIn)
    • Seiichiro Yonekura (LinkedIn)
    • Yu Yamanaka (LinkedIn)
    • Hisahito Kobayashi (LinkedIn)
    • Hideto Kohno (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • There is currently no MVP for this project.
    • The token:
    • Acts as a cryptocurrency having settlement functions.
    • Acts as a cryptocurrency that can be sold via public markets (cryptocurrency exchanges).
    • Confers the right to participate in the Social Good ecosystem.
    • Confers the right to obtain cash back payments with each buying action.
    • Contributes to enjoyment of spiritual returns via contributions to society with each buying action.
    • Serves as an asset property (Price increases could be expected via technology patent applications).
    • Token Supply: 5,304,000
    • A certain amount of SocialGood must be held to receive cash back payments.

    User Adoption: 3.5

    • Social Good has a fair amount of buzz around the project with about 31,000 Twitter followers, almost 2,000 Facebook followers, and about 33,000 members in their Telegram.
    • When seen as a commercial service, SocialGood is a “service where cash back payments can be received via a single touch on a smartphone.”

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