Starts: 10/20/17 Ends: 11/20/17

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The Skrilla token sale will offer a new ERC20 token, Skrilla (SKR), built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The primary function of Skrilla (SKR) is as a utility token within the Skrilla platform, in order to enter contests, place bets and receive winnings.

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Team Members

Nick Heaney (LinkedIn)
Damon Oudejans (LinkedIn)
Jeremy Hare (LinkedIn)
Ash Guy (LinkedIn)
Thomas Ponting (LinkedIn)
Riad Chikhani (LinkedIn)
Phillip Luu (LinkedIn)
Andrew Nguyen (LinkedIn)
Tracey Yau (LinkedIn)
Benn Godenzi (LinkedIn)
Chance Waters (LinkedIn)
Ben Lundin (LinkedIn)
Dan Crane (LinkedIn)
Craig Meagher (LinkedIn)
Lucas Cullen (LinkedIn)
Scott Cross (LinkedIn)
Dr. Adrian McCullagh (LinkedIn)
Alistair Doulin (LinkedIn)
Jamie Skella (LinkedIn)

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