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Competitive Advantage




Great project with already tradable tokens. Thy also have a very convenient app allowing to store your crypto. Cold storage available. Highly recommend it.



Competitive Advantage




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Quick Summary

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Scopuly is a secure mobile cryptographic platform for the era of cryptocurrency. People can safely store, attract, spend, pay, and exchange cryptocurrency assets in one convenient and safe application. Scopuly’s mission is to provide a reliable platform for storing and generating new cryptocurrencies and a decentralized platform for crypto exchange/trading transactions based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts.


  • Running the platform on the Stellar blockchain will provide users with lower transaction fees.
  • Scopuly’s tokenization of assets could be an attractive feature to potential platform users and investors.

  • Cons

  • Decentralized trading platforms are not unique.
  • The ICO crowdfunding is likely to only attract seasoned investors comfortable with taking high risks.
  • Because anyone can create an ICO on the platform as long as it does not promote an illegal activity and KYC is verified, the platform could see a plethora of weak ICOs that lack proper vetting.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see Scopuly Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: To buy and sell SKY tokens, you must install the Scopuly application, which can be downloaded from Scopuly’s website.
    • Eligibility: Restrictions apply to citizens of Singapore, China, USA, and Canada.
    • Accepts XLM during token sale
    • Minimum investment: 1 SKY

    Market: 3

    • One of the functions of Scopuly’s platform is the tokenization of assets. The market for tokens secured by real assets is expected to grow at a double digit rate and reach $8 Billion USD by 2025.
    • According to the coin schedule website for 2016, within the ICO phase, companies attracted $96 Million USD of investments, while in 2017 the amount of investment exceeded $2.3 Billion USD. In 2018, the volume of funds raised for using initial coin offerings is equivalent to $9.29 Billion USD which is 3x more than the previous year.

    Competitive Advantage: 2.5

    • Scopuly’s platform offers the Scopuly Wallet, the tokenization of assets, an ICO marketplace, and decentralized asset trading.
    • After the completion of the ICO, SKY token will be traded on several different exchanges that are included in the top 15.
    • The project has a strong commitment to investing its funds in the project to enhance the user experience. Scopuly plans to invest 80% of its funds raised by investors in scaling the project, and the other 20% will be used to expand the functionality of the platform and integrate new functions.

    Team: 2

    • Scopuly’s advisors have strong experience with e-consulting, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.
    • The lack of transparency with the team members past experiences may make potential investors hesitant to take a deeper look into the project.
    • Some team members have clear, transparent Linkedin profiles while others do not. It is not clear whether or not team members have solid work experience that can help them succeed with this project.
    • The project’s CEO, Vladimir Parmon has previous experience in the information technology field working for Atorial.
    • Team Members

    • Vladimir Parmon (LinkedIn)
    • Alexandr Parmon (LinkedIn)
    • Anna Rozantseva (LinkedIn)
    • Dmitry Matushkin (LinkedIn)
    • Veronica Bureeva (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 2.5

    • Scopuly does have an MVP. It's mobile wallet is available on all platforms and can be downloaded from their website.
    • SKY tokens will be used to finance ICO campaigns and ultimately fuel the Scopuly ecosystem. Additionally, SKY tokens will be used to pay commission fees from transfers and payments transactions, as well as commission fees from operations of fiat exchange.
    • The project is based on the Stellar blockchain and is fully decentralized.
    • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 SKY
    • SKY tokens cannot be mined, and no more tokens will be issued after the token sale.
    • Fifty percent of the token supply will be available through the ICO.

    User Adoption: 2

    • Scopuly has a small amount of buzz around the project with around 1500 Twitter followers, 3,000 Facebook likes, and 262 Telegram members.
    • Scopuly’s decision not to store private keys for user wallets provides security, transparency, and trust by combating potential hackers. The safety of a user’s wallet is solely dependant on the user.
    • Scopuly’s referral bonus program will help encourage users to promote the platform and may help build a solid community of platform users. Anyone can take part in this program, and all one has to do is install the Scopuly mobile application from the Google Play store or the Apple Store, create an address for the bonus program, purchase 5,000 SKY, and receive a referral code to share with prospective platform users. Users receive 10% for each activation.

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