Starts: 10/25/17 Ends: 12/1/17

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The Quick Pitch Publica is a blockchain platform for long-form publishing. More specifically, Publica will be a digital economy publishing platform. Its goal is to combine the worlds of traditional publishing and self-publishing, as it invites everyone participating in the ecosystem, across all borders, into trustworthy and frictionless e-commerce. Read our full analysis of the Publica ICO.

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Team Members

Josef Marc (LinkedIn)
Yuri Pimenov (LinkedIn)
Antons Sapriko (LinkedIn)
Marc Kenigsberg (LinkedIn)
Arne Krokan (LinkedIn)
Sheron Wood (LinkedIn)
Jeff Scott (LinkedIn)
Uldis Baumerts (LinkedIn)
Aigars Pavlovics (LinkedIn)
Glebs Vrevskis (LinkedIn)
Davis Krikauskis (LinkedIn)
Andrew Nesterenko (LinkedIn)
Natalia Tarasova (LinkedIn)
Daniels Gulbis (LinkedIn)
Vadims Zhepetovs (LinkedIn)
Dmitry Sitovs (LinkedIn)
Vjaceslavs Hlutkovs (LinkedIn)
Viesturs Lujans (LinkedIn)
Arturs Lataks (LinkedIn)
Kevin Le Goff (LinkedIn)
Maris Mols (LinkedIn)
Olga Kimalana (LinkedIn)
Aleksandrs Hodakovskis (LinkedIn)

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