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PROSENSE.TV is a working business with an already existing highly functional platform for filming, transporting and viewing professional VR broadcasts. PROSENSE.TV transforms the technology of centralized content delivery into a global decentralized peer-to-peer ProsenseLive platform with a payment collection system in which intellectual property rights are protected by blockchain cryptography and all transactions are confidential.

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Team Members

Stan Glukhoedov (LinkedIn)
Vladimir Bakuteev (LinkedIn)
Grigoriy Vasinkevich (LinkedIn)
Natalia Kopylova (LinkedIn)
Leonard Dick (LinkedIn)
Robert Pagano (LinkedIn)
Andy Hooper (LinkedIn)
Tobias Neumann (LinkedIn)
Denis Ivanov (LinkedIn)
Dmitri PLAKHOV (LinkedIn)
Eugene Timko (LinkedIn)
Anar Babaev (LinkedIn)
Stanislav Kolesnik (LinkedIn)
Ivan Gavrenkov (LinkedIn)
Michael Terpin (LinkedIn)
Karthik Iyer (LinkedIn)
Jesse Damiani (LinkedIn)
Nick Evdokimov (LinkedIn)
Eric Benz (LinkedIn)
Katrina Arden (LinkedIn)
Richard Titus (LinkedIn)
Ross Ivett (LinkedIn)
Masha Drokova (LinkedIn)

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