Starts: 4/20/18 Ends: 5/20/18

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"Neureal is a limitless and infinitely scaleable ability to forecast the future. That may seem a wild boast, but the nascent technologies of blockchain and end-to-end learning truly give rise to endless possibilities that can be applied across nearly every industry, from NOAA to Lyft. Our architecture is capable of predicting a heart attack accurately enough to save a life; predict a hurricane accurately enough to move vulnerable people out of harm’s way, predict traffic and human patterns accurately enough for companies like Lyft to adjust actions and add to their bottom line. From complicated to simple, Neureal’s impact is far-reaching."

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Jennifer Greyson (LinkedIn)
Wil Bown (LinkedIn)
Jordan Miller (LinkedIn)
Kyler Anderson (LinkedIn)
James Alton (LinkedIn)
Brian Nelson (LinkedIn)
Nick Baguley (LinkedIn)
Brian Sewell (LinkedIn)
Ethan Erkiletian (LinkedIn)
Jake Wiser (LinkedIn)
Ben Taylor (LinkedIn)

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