Starts: 2/16/18 Ends: 4/15/18

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"Mosaic helps solve the problem of the lack of knowledge about crypto market and crypto assets by providing a decentralized market intelligence network with a user interface that we believe will be the main app -the gateway to the crypto world-where people get their research and data, discuss crypto, and manage their portfolios. All the necessary info about the project could be found here"

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Team Members

Alex Bradford (LinkedIn)
Garrick Hileman (LinkedIn)
Alpkaan Celik (LinkedIn)
David Horning (LinkedIn)
Ben Fisch (LinkedIn)
Greg Wientjes (LinkedIn)
Zafar Gilani (LinkedIn)
Ihor Pidruchny (LinkedIn)
James Larisch (LinkedIn)
Simon Janin (LinkedIn)
Andy Yee (LinkedIn)
Andrew Hawley (LinkedIn)
Lanre Jonathan Ige (LinkedIn)
Dang Du (LinkedIn)
Lauren Stephanian (LinkedIn)
Reid Tymcio (LinkedIn)
Dustin Ares (LinkedIn)

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