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Quick Summary

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iLink2Music strives to create a blockchain ecosystem that connects artists, influencers, and fans through a music entertainment social media community.


  • The project has the potential to create an improved, more interactive music experience for both artists and fans.
  • The social media platform could allow for users to have more control over the content that is shared with them.

  • Cons

  • The token has a limited use case.
  • There is strong competition from bigger companies Apple Music & Spotify, in addition to other ICOs.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see iLink2Music Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: To participate in the iLink2Music token sale, visit the website.
    • Discount:
    • Stage 1: 30% Bonus
    • Stage 2: 20% Bonus
    • Stage 3: 10% Bonus
    • Eligibility: There are no restrictions for this project
    • Pay Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, ETC, NEO, QTUM, TRX, ZEC, Fiat
    • Minimum Investment: $50 USD

    Market: 2.5

    • iLink2Music aims to address problems in the market regarding the lack of content that caters to an individual user’s specific needs.
    • iLink2Music hopes to bring value to the market by creating a social media platform that will enable users to provide exclusive content, network, host events and contests, and market products and services.
    • iLink2Music will have to compete with bigger companies like Apple Music and Spotify in addition to ICOs that are hoping to bring blockchain technology into the music industry.
    • The project believes that the music industry plays an integral role in facilitating growth in different segments of the entertainment market. The worldwide entertainment market is estimated to have generated about $2.1 trillion USD in revenue.

    Competitive Advantage: 2

    • The platform’s social media network will allow users to create profiles that identify their talents and interests. The platform is hoping to encourage networking and participation among community members through contests and the voting platform.
    • iLink2Music will have an internet radio station that all users will be able to access. There will also be live event streaming for iLink2Music’s own concerts so performances can be seen across the world.

    Team: 3

    • CEO Sarkis Tsaoussian has a solid financial background. He is the president and CEO of Tsasa Holdings, a company that focuses on issuing debt. Additionally, COO Hagop Ghazarian has solid experience with strategic management. He is currently the president of HG Consulting.
    • Team members also have relevant experience in the entertainment industry. Chief Creative Officer Bob Brockmann is a Grammy award-winning producer who has been nominated over 30 times. Similarly, Director of Contests and Productions Peter Bahlawanian has over 25 years of experience producing and is the creator of the Armenian Music Awards.
    • Team Members

    • Sarkis A. Tsaoussian (LinkedIn)
    • Hagop Ghazarian (LinkedIn)
    • Lev Rolando (LinkedIn)
    • Peter Bahlawanian (LinkedIn)
    • Rick St-Hilaire (LinkedIn)
    • James A. Ruggiero (LinkedIn)
    • Bob Brockman (LinkedIn)
    • Youssef Atrassi (LinkedIn)
    • Aret Sevan (LinkedIn)
    • Sergio Gentile (LinkedIn)
    • Samy Kalem (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 2.5

    • iLink2Music has an available MVP that users can access by registering on the website.
    • The ELINK token enables platform users to vote and run contests within the platform. Additionally, the token will be used as a form of payment within the platform.
    • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 ELINKS
    • Token Price: 1 ELINK = 0.005 USD

    User Adoption: 2.5

    • This project’s goals are clear and straightforward to understand. However, it is not certain whether or not the issue the project is trying to address in the market is big enough for the project to gain traction.
    • iLink2Music has not generated much buzz around its project. There are around 3,600 followers on Twitter, around 4,700 followers on Facebook, and about 7,000 members in the Telegram group. None of these social media accounts see strong engagement.

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