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Starts: 11/7/17 Ends: 1/21/18

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The iBuildApp Network is building a decentralized mobile marketplace that will include a mobile advertising network, called adNetwork, which will make use of the Ethereum blockchain to alleviate the issues of ad fraud by linking up users directly with advertisers and recording all interactions in an immutable and transparent manner.

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Team Members

Michael Starkov (LinkedIn)
Olga Starkova (LinkedIn)
Sergey Lobanov (LinkedIn)
Alexander Bykov (LinkedIn)
Alexey Skutin (LinkedIn)
Anna Bodrova (LinkedIn)
Alexander Plekhanov (LinkedIn)
Rafael Soultanov (LinkedIn)
Vlad Pigin (LinkedIn)
Christina Gagnier (LinkedIn)
Konstantin Gladych (LinkedIn)
Alexi Lane (LinkedIn)

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