Starts: 10/31/17 Ends: 11/30/17

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Sometimes we want to trade on Hagglin but we just cant find items of equal value. Thats were Ribbits comes in, Ribbits are decentralized tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. With Ribbits, you can make up the difference on an item, buy items on the platform listed as “For Sale” directly, or use the tokens to create an escrow when trust cannot otherwise be established.

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Ursula Ruiz (LinkedIn)
Shaun David (LinkedIn)
Jonathan Boateng (LinkedIn)
Srijith Poduval (LinkedIn)
Tim Zhong (LinkedIn)
Jenny Jin (LinkedIn)
Timothee Schoen (LinkedIn)
Ariel Yabo (LinkedIn)
Pablo Yabo (LinkedIn)
Sebastian Raul Wain (LinkedIn)
Luka Staudacher (LinkedIn)
Simón A. Valencia Gallegos (LinkedIn)
Sheel Patel (LinkedIn)
Emily Kim (LinkedIn)
Siyu (Zoe) Lu (LinkedIn)
Aaditya Singh (LinkedIn)
Suji Balfe (LinkedIn)
Chris Xue (LinkedIn)
Kiara Wahnschafft (LinkedIn)
Henry La Soya (LinkedIn)

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