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"Guardian Circle is the first blockchain-based emergency response system that acts as an AMBER Alert-style warning for your own private network. Mark Jeffrey founded Guardian Circle to support the four BILLION people worldwide and in developing countries, who have no emergency services at all. The free app flash-organizes trusted citizen and professional response using mobile, location-sharing, voice and wearable technologies. Using the blockchain, Guardian Circle has the potential to completely reinvent and dramatically improve all aspects of ineffective, legacy emergency response. Guardium is a utility token. For the enhanced service within Guardian Circle, we will build a network of vetted semi-pro responders — EMT's, ex-military, trained security personnel, nurses. ​They will be rewarded with Guardium tokens for every hour they’re 'on duty'. They will be rewarded further when they respond to alerts, to incentivize them to participate and collaborate. Tokens can be redeemed for more services or sold for fiat currency within the platform. All transactions are recorded using blockchain-based smart contracts."

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Mark Jeffrey (LinkedIn)
Patrick Takats (LinkedIn)
Zack Klapman (LinkedIn)
William Mougayar (LinkedIn)
Crystal Rose-Pierce (LinkedIn)
Miko Matsumura (LinkedIn)
Ken Brook (LinkedIn)
Michael Terpin (LinkedIn)
Fred Kruegar (LinkedIn)
Richard Titus (LinkedIn)
Ryan Scott (LinkedIn)

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