GSC Aviation

Starts: 7/1/18 Ends: 10/24/18

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GSC Aviation combines the effectiveness of battle-tested databases for query processes with the security of blockchain technology to provide a shared, trustworthy platform for updating information such as the financial strength of vendors, quality standards, and MRO (Maintenance Repair, and Overhaul) data. On background, a vast, decentralised network of computers records each transaction made by any member of the supply chain in a shared ledger (the blockchain) that is continuously and collectively updated in real time. Furthermore, a consensus algorithm running on all those computers ensures the validity of each transaction and prevents fraud and malicious attacks.

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Team Members

Maxime Legros (LinkedIn)
Cyril Vuaroqueaux (LinkedIn)
Jonathan Zerbib (LinkedIn)
Achyut Shrestha (LinkedIn)
Sean Moeke (LinkedIn)
Matt Palmer (LinkedIn)

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