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GZR represents an unlockable profile item in an “unknown” state. The user can unlock tokens at any time, resulting in a randomized profile item being unlocked that can be applied to a gamer’s avatar. The rarity and type of the item unlocked is completely random and decided only after the user decides to unlock it.

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Team Members

Jack Lamir (LinkedIn)
Gabe Steinberg (LinkedIn)
Jonathan Kerstein (LinkedIn)
Felix Dragoi (LinkedIn)
Nick Scannavino (LinkedIn)
Akhmad Khoirudin (LinkedIn)
Saad Malik (LinkedIn)
Ábel Czupor (LinkedIn)
Suleyman Duyar (LinkedIn)
David Drake (LinkedIn)
James Sowers (LinkedIn)
Josh Garcia (LinkedIn)
Esteban van Goor (LinkedIn)

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